5 Random Quotes for December (2011)

  1. Who needs astrology?  The wise man gets by on fortune cookies.  ~Edward Abbey
  2. Weather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.  ~Terri Guillemets
  3. My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to 99 cents a can.  That’s almost $7.00 in dog money.  ~Joe Weinstein
  4. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.  ~Henry Ford
  5. One moment of patience may ward off great disaster.  One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.  ~Chinese Proverb

Posting from my ipod like a boss…

Hello, my friends! I just punched my new (to me) iPod!

This is the first device I have ever owned that begins with a lowercase i. I am writing this post on it! Yay! I have been really busy these past few weeks. I had finals a couple weeks back the. Christmas stuff and I have also managed to find a job. I jab e a few good posts planned for the coming days of I can get around to writing them.
Be expecting a list of the top thongs I have learned about working win the public (hopefully it will be funny an not just sound like complaining) I also plan on doing a top ten movies lie (if i have not done so already :p ) and a few more things.

Also, my Moyer bought me a camera for Christmas…so yeah, there may be some more fin multimedia stuff on here soon. (if I can think of anything worth posting that is)

Well, I hope you had a merry christmas…

…oh, look! An adorably evil kitten!



Holy Crap!

I was looking through my new Star Wars book when I came across this…


so awesome…


Merry Christmas!…um, Here are some Random Quotes!

Have a very merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a great day!


Oh, and incase you don’t know, Homestarrunner.com has started updating again and has 2 decemberween toons up.  (It’s a decemberween mackerel!)  So in honor of these joyous occasions, here is 5 Random Quotes from Decemberween by Homestarrunner!

  1. “That’s it, I’m going back to your house. Later on, we’ll conspire.”
  2. “That’s right! This Decemberween, I, homestarrunner.com, will attempt to sled down… The Steep Deep!”
  3. “♫♪ I got Strong Bad a Deep Impact! ♪♫”
  4. “Bubs, I need to buy everyone and their brother Decemberween presents!”
  5. This



A quick little story from my holiday shopping experience

I was in BAM the other day and the lady in front of me asked an employee “Sir, I am looking for a book by Roger Ebert.  It’s called The Great Movies 3.  Do you have it?”  The man behind the counter started to type on his keyboard and he said “I’m not sure if it’s came out yet; I have the other two at home and I love them.”

Her response?  “There are two other ones?  Maybe I should start with those…”

🙂  I love the holidays!


Breaking News!

Wow!  This has been one busy week for the entertainment industry!  We have received loads of new information regarding all kinds of up and coming projects.  Here is a quick rundown of the top stories:

  • In response to the success of shows such as “Ace of Cakes”, “Miami Ink”, “Ice Road Truckers”, and “Pawn Stars”, Fox network intends to release it’s own reality series about a particular Business.  “Krispy Kreme Kashers” will chronicle the adventures of a group of college students working at a local Krispy Kreme.  Not much is known about the new reality series, though the producers have confirmed that they plan to have several crossover episodes with “Cops”.
  • It has just been reviled that the reason George Lucas divorced his wife, Marcia, was that he found out that they were long lost twins.
  • Jim Carrey, Michael Cera, and Will Ferrell are set to appear in a documentary about typecasting set to air next year.
  • M. Night Shyamalan has teamed up with the writers of Scary Movie to create a new film entitled, “The Whispers”.  We know from his most recent films that M. Night can certainly handle a comedy but I am not so sure about the “Scary Movie” writers…  It is scheduled to be released on December 12th, 2012.
  • TLC appeared before congress this week to propose a new law requiring that every family with more than 6 children apply for a reality series.
  • John Favreu accidentally mentioned that Cowboys Vs. Aliens was to be the first film in a Trilogy.  We have also found out that the second film will be titled “Cowboys Vs Aliens Vs Ninjas Vs Zombies Vs Nazis Vs Indiana Jones”  The title for the third film will simply be titled “Iron Man 3”.

“Fun Things to do on your Birthday Part 2” or “My 21st Birthversery!

Well, today is my 21st Birthday.  Here in the states, that is a big year since it is the legal drinking age.  And while I don’t drink (I just do pot 😉 ), this still feels like a big birthday.  This is also the 3rd Anniversary of my “Fun things to do on your Birthday” post, aka the most popular post on my site.  (Gaining over 100 comments…and I swear only 87 of those are me pretending to be a fan!)  So I have decided that it would be fun to do a sequel.  So my friends, without further ado, here are 21 fun things to do on your 21st birthday (or any birthday)!

  1. Kick it Hobbit style this year and buy everyone else gifts…the kind of gift you are going to want to borrow and then “forget” to return
  2. Go to the movies with some friends.  Pick a movie that you don’t expect to be good MST3K that bad boy.
  3. Go everywhere wearing a Birthday Crown
  4. Go everywhere wearing birthday glasses (like these)
  5. Go everywhere wearing a birthday suit…wait…uh, nevermind…
  6. Get a birthday cake that looks like the severed head of Seth Green…make your guests think you are turning to cannibalism
  7. Hire a magician!
  8. Hire a clown!
  9. Hire a mime!
  10. Make the clown, magician, and mime fight to the death for your amusement.
  11. Celebrate with these three guys – 123
  12. Throw a big party!  But keep in mind that a party is not a party unless Donny Osmond is there!  Just say his name 3 times and he will appear.  The tricky part is getting rid of him…you have to make him say (or spell) his name backwards.
  13. Go door to door singing Christmas carols, but change the lyrics to fit your birthday.  (Examples: “Rocking around the birthday tree”, “Birthday Bells”, “We wish me a merry birthday”, and “Silent Birthday”)
  14. Birthday cake fight!
  15. Robots…anything involving robots…
  16. Invite Bob Barker and Drew Carey over to guess the prices of your birthday gifts…
  17. …Them make them fight to the death (my money is on Bob Barker)
  18. Invent a time machine so that everyday is your Birthday!
  19. Read my blog…like, the whole thing all 3 1/2 year of it…seriously…you won’t regret it…
  20. Rather than spending your entire birthday focused on yourself, do something nice for someone else.  Yes.. that’s right… you should set all the animals in the zoo free!
  21. Bathe in radioactive waste….superpowers are the greatest of all birthday gifts

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little list!  Happy Birthday!


Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope have a good one!


Super Metroid (10/10)

Now, when Super Metroid first came out, I was a mere 5 years old and about 2 years away from my first gaming console (Sega Genesis) so my experience with gaming was limited to only a few select titles I had managed to play.  It was not until the Metroid Prime Trilogy that I really got into Metroid.  But thanks to the joys of Nintendo’s Virtual Console, I can now play the classic Metroid games, including Super Metroid for the SNES.

Now, you can’t really review Super Metroid (or any Metroid game for that matter) without talking about the amazing atmosphere the game creates.  The planet of Zebes is diverse and wonderful.  The graphics are beautiful and the music is perfect.  You really get the sense that you are on this other planet and can become immersed in the game on a level that is rare for any game.  And while I could have used a little more story, the small narrative fits in well with the game and offers a lot more plot than many of the game’s contemporaries.

The platforming controls great and feels more natural than in most games.  I found that the aiming takes a little getting used too,  but once you have mastered it, it becomes second-nature.  There is a nice variety in the assortment of weapons and abilities available to Samus and the rate at which new upgrades are found progresses at a steady rate, so the gameplay never quite gets stale.

The level design is superb.  The world of Zebes is huge and each room seems to almost have its own personality.  The sense of exploration that accompanies this game is amazing, and there is always another little secret around the corner.  And you are encouraged to explore every nook and cranny as doing so yields special power-ups that will help out out later in the game.  However, this is where the game’s first problem comes into focus.  While exploring the world is endless fun, you are bound to get lost in the huge, non-linear world.  I have spent more time that I would like to admit wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next.  As much as I’d hate to admit it, I would probably still be lost if it were not for the innovation of  gamefaqs.com.

The combat is fun, and the boss battles are where it really shines.  There is a nice variety of bosses and mini-bosses.  Some of them require special strategy to defeat and others just have to be shot over and over.  Both types are fun and challenging and will have you yelling at the screen and cheering when the battle is over.  Though, there was one particular boss battle towards the end of the game where the difficulty spikes far too much.  This boss is insanely hard and feels more cheap than challenging.  However, if you can get past it and make it to the final battle, you will be well rewarded as the final battle of the game is quite possibly the most intense, most exciting battle I have ever played in a game.  It is challenging and will require all your skills, yet it is not like cheap like that other boss.  It is one of the few game segments so exciting and so intense, that just playing it causes your heart to race and will provide you with an adrenaline rush that will last far after the ending credits.

All in all, Super Metroid is a masterpiece of a game.  It was amazing then and it still holds up just as well today.  For 800 Wii points, this game is well worth your investment.


Pokémon: Soul Silver Version (Mini Review)

As anyone who reads this site regularity knows, I love to review games.  And as I gain experience with reviews and analyzing games, my reviews are getting longer and longer.  However, there are some games that I don’t feel I can review in full.  There are many reasons why I may feel like this, but the prime reason would be time.  Sometimes when I want to review a game I look back and see that is has been months since I have played it.  I might can replay it (assuming I did not borrow it) but I would just be replaying levels and the game would have lost its initial freshness.

And this is where the min-reviews come in.  These are tiny reviews that just sums up my views on the game in a couple paragraphs.

So here it is, I promised it nearly a month ago, but I am finally getting around to reviewing Pokémon: Soul Silver.

It is tempting to say that if you’ve played one Pokémon game, you’ve played them all and in many ways that is true.  The same basic formula has not really changed.  However, having been one of the rare people to go straight from Yellow to Soul Silver I can see that the series has evolved quite a bit over the years.  Imagine my surprise at learning that you can breed your Pokémon!

The game is very addicting.  Collecting your Pokémon, naming them, training them, etc. is very fond and if you are anything like me, you will almost find yourself starting to develop an attachment them for the little buggers.  The dialogue sounds like a moody 12 year old wrote it, but I actually like that.  It feels nostalgic and childlike.  The fact that you can name your arch-nemisis is very fun (I chose Kevin…idk why, it just sounds menacing to me).

The world of Pokémon is expansive with lots of stuff to do and lots of areas to explore.  The game is cute, charming, adventurous, and just plain fun…for the most part.  Unfortunately the turn based combat of the game becomes boring to the point of painful after a while.  If you are a big RPG player and you don’t mind repetitive turn based combat, then you will love this game.  If you are like me and lack the patience to finish most turn based RPGs, then you may want to borrow it from a friend or something…because it does get repetitive after a while.

But if you can get past the combat, then this is a wonderful game and I can’t recommend it enough.

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