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Thinkgeek Spotlight – T-Shirts

My favorite type of planets are class M and My favorite type of shirts are T-Shirts. (and if you got that pun…lord help you)

Here are some sweet T-Shirts form Thinkgeek. BTW, Click on the pictures to take you to the page. They have some funny stuff in the item description.

What can I say? It’s Reto!


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I Love W()()T!!!


Young Indiana Jones

I have been renting The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on VHS at my library. They are awesome. For those of you who don’t know, it is a television show that serves as a prequel to the movies. They take place when Indy is ages between 10-21. I have not seen any of the episodes where he is younger, only the ones where he is in his teen years. The earlier episodes, that I have seen, shows Indy’s adventures of expeditions with his father and adventures in his hometown. Things really get exiting when Indy, while on vacation in New Mexico, runs off and joins the Mexican Revolution. He soon decides to travel to Europe and join the Belgian army and later the French Intelligence. Throughout the series Indy meets historical figures like Leo Tolstoy, Pancho Villa, Charles de Gaulle, and John Ford. (I got that list from Wikipedia 😉 ) I would definitely recommend this show to anyone with a pulse.


Johnny Depp…I’m Sorry

I watched Pirates of the Carribeian in the 8th grade…and I hated it! It was boring and stupid. I wached it again in the 9th grade (or was it 10th?) and I thought it was ok but not verry good. Last year I wached the second one and got kinda into it but did not think that muc of it.

Now after Dragon bugging me to wach it again I finnally checked it out of the library. (lol, I am writing this in the libreary too) and…. I LOVED IT!!! I am not sure why I did not like it the first few times. But, as always, I have a theroy. The first time I wached it I did not fully understand what was going on due to my extreamly short attention span. The second time I wached it I did not like it too much because of A.) My short attention span and B) I already thought I would not like it.

Well, whatever the reason, I have seen the light and I now apoligize for all the times I have said that POTC sucks…but it is still not as good as Spider-Man.

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