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Fun Things to do on New Years Eve

1. Sing Karaoke with a fake voice. Try to sound like Spongebob or James Earl Jones….or Spongebob pretending to be James Earl Jones!

2. Shoot Fireworks…In Wal Mart! What?! The Celings are high enough!

3. 2 words: Penguin Fight

4. Dye your hair red!

5. Goto a big party. At the stoke of Midnight get everyones attention and say, “New year celebrations are good but is better”

6. Goto a friends house to celebrate. Eat all their food, make a mess, and then leave.

7. Goto a complete stangers house to celebrate. Eat all their food, make a mess, and then leave.

8. Throw a party like I am. If somebody turns down the invitaion comes just do what I do….kidnap them! 😈 (That means you linklinker!)

9. Go to your front yard. Count down the seconds. The,n set off fireworks and then shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR” Into a megaphone. Do this once every hour. (for all the different timezones)

10. Tell people you cant believe it is new years eve already. Say that it seems like it was only year ago that you had the last one!

11. Sing the Auld Lang Syne.

12. Sing the Auld Lang Syne in Pig Latin!

13. ….uh….I cant think of anything to write here

14. Scream…all day…don’t stop exept for to breath.

15. Pretend you are caught in an anomaly in the space-time continuum.

16. Watch one of the episodes of Star-Trek where they get caught in anomaly in the space-time continuum. (Or one of the movies where it happens)

17. Eat junk food until you pass out!

18. Wait till your friend passses out From too much junk food then put shaving cream in his hand And tickle his faces with some feather and or putt his hand in luke-warm water so he will wet The bed, butt, be carefull cause if he or she is at ur house u will have to clean it up and then the joke will be on you not him or she.

19. Try to fix all the grammar errors in the last post.


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