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How To Survive A Robot Uprising

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This book (soon to be a movie starring Jim carry) is awesome. Ok, I admit I have never read it but, I want to! Check out the groovy website and get some tips for how to survive the uprising! (trust me, they are awesom!)


Fantastic Four 3: Villains?

Ok, If and when they make the next fantastic four, and I hope they do, I think the villains should be the skulls from outer space.

Think about it. They are a race of shape-shifting aliens who infiltrate our society to destroy it from the inside out. Their first attempt to destroy the Fantastic Four is by commenting crimes and framing the FF. The FF are considered outlaws and are hunted by everyone. But the FF outsmart them. Their second attempt to defeat the FF is by creating a Super Skrull who has the powers of all of the FF and more!

Do you not agree that they would be the best villains for the next film? If not, then what who do you think it should be? The Moleman? The Pupettmaster? Impossible Man? Molecule Man? The Sub Mariner? Me? Bill Gates? Etc.!?

Tell me your opinion.

Oh, and I have a reprint of the comic featured on this post.  If you want to read it Earl or DS, I can let you borrow it at school.  I keep it in my backpack at all times….what?!….DON’T JUDGE ME!

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