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Lancelot of Camelot: Part One – The Beggining

Ok, so I am also going to start writing a story like DS. (In my defense, however, I was considering this story before I knew about DS’s) Unlike him, I am going to write it in a script format (like I did with Cerealholics Anonymous ) because I am better with that writing style. Also, even though I will be publishing the story within the scope of many posts, I will have them all conveniently stored in one page. So here it is, Lancelot of Camelot:

Our story starts in the grand kingdom of Camelot where King Aurthur is attending to his kingly duties like any good king should.

Cindy (the court jester) – See sir! After years and years of practice, I can now juggle two oranges at the same time!

King Aurthur – Amazing! Two oranges at the same time! If I did not know any better I would say it’s magic! … It’s not magic. Is it Cindy? Because that would be witchcraft and I would have to burn you at the steak!

Cindy – Of course not sire! I would never preform witchcraft! Why would I, when I am already happy as a clam? Yep, serving you until the day I die. Knowing that juggling oranges for your amusement is all that I will ever accomplish ….yep….couldn’t ask for any more….*cough*Idiot*cough*!

King Aurthur – What was that?

Cindy – I said…uh…only an idiot could want more out of life

King Aurthur – That’s what I thought you said.

Meanwhile, Lady Guinevere strolls through the garden. Suddenly Lancelot jumps toward her from behind of a bush

Lancelot – Hello, Guinevere!

Guinevere – Go away Lance!

Lancelot – But I wrote you a song! Wanna hear it?

Guinevere – No

Lancelot – Here it goes. [way off key] Secret Lovers! That who we are! Try so-

Guinevere – Shut Up! You didn’t even write that song!

Lancelot – How do you know?

Guinevere – Because I have already heard it before. Now go away!

Lancelot – But, we are destined to be together. Rememberwhen we first met, I saved your life.

Guinevere – Save me? You almost killed me!

Lancelot – How was I supposed to know that bear was not ticklish? Besides, If I almost got you killed then why did you hug me?

Guinevere – I was trying to strangle you.

Lancelot – Oh…

Guinevere – Besides, I am happily married! To the King!

Lancelot – So? Leave him! I love you!

Guinevere stomps away, leaving Lancelot behind

Lancelot – Oh, well…*sigh*….I suppose I will just go and get something to eat.

Later, in the castle, Lancelot raids the refrigerator for something to eat. But while he is searching the fridge, one of the kings attendants comes up behind him.

Lancelot – Hmmm…. I wonder if we have any mayonnaise?

Attendant – Excuse me, Mr. Lancelot

Lancelot – WHAT!? WHO’S THERE? I HAVE A SALAMI AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT! Oh, it’s just you Larry

Attendant – Actually my name is Lenny. The king wants to see you right away. He says the Lady Guinevere is in terrible danger.

Lancelot – Danger?! Gasp! I’m on my way!

What kind of danger is Guinevere in? Will Lancelot be able to rescue her? What role will Merlin play in this tale? Is there any mayonnaise left? Find out in the next exiting chapter of “Lancelot of Camelot”!


Tea Time in Brawl???

Sheik And FoxTea Time?Thirsty?


The Inernet…In 1996!

Do you remember the internet back in 1996? I don’t, I was 6. But from what I have heard, It was a very scary place. Nothing like the internet we are have now. It was just a few crappy sites stung together. Running on IE3 and Netscape…oh, what a dark and scary time. Well, Now you can see what the internet looked like in 1996! Below are links to some of the best web sites 1996 had to offer. (thanks to the wayback machine) Please, Keep In mind that the archives on the wayback machine are not complete. Some of the links will give you a “Not in Archive”. -1996

Best -1996

White -1996 -1996 – 1996

Coca -1996 -1996 -1996

[Note: I got all of these links from a site Babcom5 gave me that reviewed these sites. But I did not link directly to the site because the reviews had some really bad language.]

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