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Lancelot of Camelot: Part 2 – Preparing for the Journey

When we last left our hero, he was making a salami sandwich. When, suddenly, he received word that Lady Guinevere was in danger and that the king needed his help to save her. Being the heroic hero that Lancelot is, he dashed straight towards the kings chamber so he could offer his services.

King Aurthur – Ah, Lancelot! We need you help. The queen is in terrible danger.

Lancelot – What is it sir? A fire-breathing dragon?

Aurthur – Worse

Lancelot – 2 fire-breathing dragons?

Author – Lancelot, the evil that has kidnapped my poor Guinevere is worse than any other dragon or monster that this world has to offer.

Lancelot – It’s not a spider, is it? Please tell me its not a spider! I can’t handle those. They’re so creepy with those extra legs and all.

Author – No, Lancelot worse than a spider.

Lancelot – Then what is it?

Author- I dare not speak the name of the beast. Just that name has been known to bring down nations. Listen, This is a dangerous mission. The only reason I am sending you is because all of the other knights are too afraid.

Lancelot – Cowards!

Author – I don’t want a repeat of you last mission.

Lancelot – How was I supposed to know that monks don’t like polka! Besides, I thought they were pacifists.

Author – They were… They were… Anyways, Take this map! It will guide you through your journey.

Lancelot – It looks like it was drawn with crayons.

Author – It was. Timmy the map-maker was in a bit of a hurry. Now listen, this is important: First, go to the Blacksmith and get a Sword. Next, go to the stable to get a horse. Then and only then will you be able to rescue my sweet Guinevere.

Lancelot – I will not fail you sire.

Author – You had better not!

Lancelot rushes straight to the blacksmith’s home.

Blacksmith – Ey! What ayre you doin ere? Des ew wanna bi a sord.

Lancelot – I don’t understand you Naïveté*. But I need to buy a sword!

Blacksmith – Naïveté! wy Ill shew ew to cull me a Naïveté! Come ere!

Lancelot – Calm down! The king sent me to buy a sword!

Blacksmith – de king ey! wel, wy did’t ew say so! I gots ya a sword rights ere! lemme get it outa de fire fors ya!

Lancelot – SPEAK ENGLISH MAN! Oh, there’s a sword right there!

Lancelot reaches into the fire and pulls out the sword!


Blacksmith – I tolds ya! I gots to getst it out of de fire!

Later, after Lancelot regains his dignity he says farewell to the blacksmith and starts towards the stable. When suddenly, Three strange figures jumped in front of him.

Who are these three figures? What do they want? Will Lancelot ever save Lady Guinevere? Why am I asking you these questions when I wrote the story? Find out in the next exiting chapter of “Lancelot of Camelot”!

* Naïveté – a French loanword indicating the state of lacking experience, understanding or sophistication (Thanks to Wikipedia for the definition!)


ThinkGeek Spotlight – Video!

Yeah, instead of talking about the great products on ThinkGeek, I am taking the lazy way out and putting up video’s from ThinkGeek.

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your username...


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