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Lancelot of Camelot: Part 5 – Crossover Time!

In our last exiting chapter of “Lancelot of Camelot”, Our hero met Merlin the Magician who explained that he lived through time backwards. After reveling Lancelot’s Destiny, Merlin “transformed” Lancelot into a bear so that he could catch a fish. After that disaster, Merlin came up with another idea of how to get a free meal….er, I mean train Lancelot how to be a king.

Merlin – Don’t worry about it! Aclaka Boom! There, now you are a human again! I have another test for you….

Lancelot – Another test?

Merlin – Yes, do you see that girl over there?

In the distance there was a little girl with a red riding hood and carrying a picnic basket.

Lancelot – I see her. Shall I save her?

Merlin – No. You are going to get her basket of goodies.

Lancelot – But isn’t that theft? What will that teach me?

Merlin – Why, it’s not theft, my boy. It’s….strategic possession. You have to get the basket from her because it will teach you how to handle difficult situations as a king.

Lancelot – Ok, if you say so.

Merlin – I do! I do!

Lancelot – Will you at least turn me into an animal?

Merlin – A what?…Oh yeah, uh…. Alacka Cannie. There your a wolf. Now, you go get the basket and I will hide in this bush.

Merlin jumps in the bush just as the little girl in the red riding hood approches.

Lancelot – Argh! I am a big bad wolf! Gimme your basket and I will not eat you!

Little Red Riding Hood – Uh, not another freak! Get lost or else!

Lancelot – Roar! I am a scary talking wolf! Beware!

Little Red Riding Hood – Ok, I warned you.

The little girl in the red riding hood then precedes to beat the living snot out of Lancelot. She then walks off.

Little Red Riding Hood – That will teach you!

Merlin comes out of the bush.

Merlin – Who would have guessed that a little girl would be so vicious.

Lancelot – just turn me into a human again, please.

Will Lancelot ever recover from that battle? Will he ever live down the shame of getting clobbered by a little girl? Will he ever be man enough to save Guinevere? Why did I write such a short chapter? Well, you won’t find out soon because in the next chapter of “Lancelot of Camelot” the plot is going to take sudden twist! What is this twist? Why, you will just have to tune into the next chapter to find out!

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