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The Other Side

This is a webseries that acts as a spin-off of Ghost Whisperer. It is about being dead from the perspective of the ghost. It is really good if you can handle the ads between webisodes. (If you can’t then you can probably find the webisodes on Youtube) You can watch all 8 webisodes of The Other Side right now but The Other Side II is still a work in progress and you can only watch the first half. (at the time of writing, that it) Authough, I am going to wait till The Other Side II is done before I start on it. The first one is great though. If you like Ghost Whisperer, then you will definitely like this.

Watch The Other Side

Watch The Other Side II


4 Sonics at Green Hill Zone


Free at last!

*Sigh* Finnaly!  I just finished Lancelot of Camelot!  The story, in its entirety, is here:

I seriously doubt that I will be writing another story that long for a while.  (and if I do, I promise it will be better)

Though I am glad to be done, I still had fun writing it so I may write some shorer stories later on.

Well, anyways, here is a place to put any criticisms you may have about “Lancelot of Camelot.”


Lancelot of Camelot: Part 7 – The Ultimate Evil

When we last left our heroine, Cindy, along with her trusty sidekick, was racing to save Guinevere so she could become the first female knight in history. Suddenly she saw two strange figures in the road ahead, she brought her horse to a stop so she could see who they were.

Cindy – my word, it’s Lancelot and some old guy!

Lancelot – Cindy? What are you doing here? have you come to juggle oranges or tell me a joke? There is no time for that right now, I have a queen to save! …. Oh, hi Larry.

Lenny – IT’S LENNY!

Cindy – Do you seriously think I am here to tell you jokes? Stand aside, I am here to save the queen.

Lancelot – You can’t save anyone, your just a girl.

Cindy What?! (Cindy gives Lancelot a look so cold it could destroy a nation)

Lancelot – I mean…uh, You go girl?

Cindy – That’s what I thought you said.

Merlin – Excuse me miss, but I belive we have’nt met. I am Merlin the Magician and I live through time backwards.

Cindy – Whatever. Hey, what’s that?

Lancelot – This? Why this is my map! It shows where Guinevere is.

Cindy – What? Let me see that! (Cindy takes the map from Lancelot and studies it) It says she is hidden there, in that big dark cave. (Cindy points to a cave)

Lancelot – I am pretty sure the map is leading to that nice little cottage over there. (Lancelot points in the direction opposite of the cave, to a cozy looking home)

Cindy – Lance, think about it for a second. Where do you think the ultimate evil would be: A beautiful house with sunflowers growing from the flowerbed, or a deep dark scary cave with a big sign in the front that says “beware”?

Lancelot – Is that a trick question?

Cindy -Argh! Come on Larry, It looks like we gotta go in there alone.

Lenny – (sigh) coming

Cindy and Larry walk into the cave. Lancelot and Merlin, however, go to the cottage.

Merlin – You know, maybe she’s right. The cave does make more since.

Lancelot – No, the map leads to the cottage so we are going to the cottage.

(Lancelot walks into the cottage, Merlin follows behind. Merlin then sees a old woman with a facial mask on)


Ultimate Evil – Disgusting? Oh, no you didn’t. Tell me you did not just barge into my house and start insulting me.

The “Ultimate Evil” then begins to chase Merlin around the room while explaining to him, in great detail, all the ways that she is about to hurt him. Just then, Guinevere walks in from the kitchen to see what all the fuss is about.

Guinevere – Mom? What’s wrong? …. Lancelot?! What are you doing here? And who’s this old guy? And why is my mom hurting him?

Lancelot – Guinevere! I finally saved you! The king told me you had been kidnapped by the ultimate evil and he sent me to rescue you.

Guinevere – The Ultimate Evil? Argh! Why can’t he and my mother just get along?

Lancelot -The ultimate evil is your mother?

Guinevere – Yeah, I don’t understand what Aurthur has against her, she is really nice.

Merlin (Having just got kicked between the legs) – Yeah, she seems like a real treat.

Guinevere – Come on Lance and you too old guy. I have to talk to Aurthur.

Lancelot, Guinevere and Merlin leave the cottage. They then see Larry waling up to them.

Lancelot – Hi Larry! Where’s Cindy?

Lenny – My name is Lenny. The oddest thing happened,we got in the cave and the only thing there was this stupid cup. I did not see what the big deal was, but Cindy kept shouting “I found the Holy Grail! I found the Holy Grail!” then she ran off with the cup and left me!

Lancelot -Women

Merlin – Tell me about it.

Guinevere – You idiots! Argh, just come with me I know a shortcut back to the castle.

Two minuets later. The group walks into the king’s thrown room.

King Aurthur – Guinevere! You’ve returned!

Guinevere – Shut up! What do you have against my mom?

King Aurthur – Nothing! She is the one who has the problem with me! Remember when I first met her? She hit me with a pan!

Guinevere – She thought you were a robber!

King Aurthur – What about the time she shoved an a rabid chimpmunk down my pants?

Guinevere – It was April Fools Day!

King Aurthur – What about the assassin she hired?

Guinevere – Not only do you call her the ultimate evil but you send a knight to rescue me from her! And not just any knight! Lancelot! Do you not realize that he as been hitting on me since you hired him?

King Aurthur -He has? That’s beside the point! That woman is evil!

Guinvere – Argh! If you cannot be reasonable then I don’t want to talk to you.

Guinevere stomps out.

King Aurthur – And who are you?

Merlin – I am Merlin! I live th-

King Aurthur -I remember you! You are the freak who kept harassing me as a child!

Merlin – Well, uh, I can explain that…you see…

Merlin runs away as fast as he can.

Lancelot – I saved her for you King! Do I get a reward? Like a cookie perhaps?

King Aurthur – Actually Lancelot, I have a better idea. How about a promotion!

Lancelot – A promotion?!

A month later:

Lancelot (the court jester) – See sir! After days and days of practice, I can now juggle two oranges at the same time!

The End!


Emulators and Roms

Ok, so Colt wanted me to send him an email telling him where to find good emulators and roms. He asked me to send it to his gmail account but I only have his yahoo and coldmail accounts. Therefore, I will put them here.

Emulator Sites:

Rom Sites: (The password to download files is “survey”)

There you go. I hope you enjoy!

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