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Fun things to do on Valintine’s Day

Valentine’s day can be depressing for those without someone special. Therefore I am going to share some tips for those of you with no one (and no SSBB) to spend Valentine’s day with. This should brighten your day. [Note: because I am a dude. I am talking about if you don’t have a girlfriend. If you are a girl and you are reading it then please just swich the genders mentioned so that it will fit you. This saves me the trouble of having to word it in a gender-natural way.]


1. Order candy. Have it delivered to you. Enjoy!

2. Come to school\work\ect. dresses as cupid. Bring a Nerf gun. Shoot random people while yelling “She loves me!, She loves me not!”

3. Wear one of those rings you can get for a quarter out of one of those gumball machines. Find a lovely couple about your age. Pretend to cry as you walk up to the girl and yell, “I thought what we had was special.” Throw the plastic ring at the person and say “Take it! I don’t want it anymore!”. Run off while sobbing uncontrollably.

4. Dress as a gorilla. Force your way into a fancy restraunt and yell “Don’t listen to her! She will tell you she loves you but then she’ll let the men in planes shoot you off the empire state building. But Kong will have his day! I am the king!” Then begin to beat your chest any yell until they try to take you away.

5. Walk up to random couples saying “Love is the strongest of all emotions, but is even stronger”

6. Have flowers and candy sent to you in public. Eat the flowers and put the candy in a vase. if anyone questions your choice of actions, tell them that love makes you do strange things.

7. Two Words: Dead Rat (use your imagination)

8. Buy a box of valentines cards and decorate a paper bag. Force your way into a 3rd grade classroom. Then, precede to trade valentines with all the kids. (Cry is a kid does not have one for you.)

9. Ask complete strangers to be your valentine

10. Create an imaginary Girlfriend. Propose to her in public. When she says no, cry and ask why. The precede to get into an argument about the reasons that you imagine that she gave.

11. Go online and read these kind of lists.

12. Start singing love songs in public. If any girl is bold enough to sing along with you, Say “Where have you been all my life?” Sweep her off her feet and run off with her. If she does not freak out, you may have met your dream girl….or at least mine. 😉

13. Go to wal-mart. Grab a bunch of Valentine’s cards then hand them out to people in the store. (Don’t actually buy them, just hand them to people)

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