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After realizing that I have a ton of Star Wars reacted things on my site, I have decided to make a Star Wars Category!  I have moved all the SW related posts into it.  I did not include the wookiee awards because it did not deal directly with SW.  (however, if by chance  people disagree I will move them too)  Tell me if you spot any posts that I have missed!


Blasters Debate

Ok, so there is a lot of controversy among us geeks as to whether a blaster’s shots are lasers or plasma. (The same debate also rages for a lightsabers blade) Well, according to Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary a blasters shots are plasma. In fact here is what it says:
“Common blaster weapons use high-energy gas as an ammunition, activated by a power cell and converted into plasma. The plasma is released from a magnetic bottle effect to fire through collimating components as a cohent energy bolt. Inherent instabilities limit the ability to precisely aim a blaster bolt, but knowing one’s weapon well can strengthen the marksmanship. Plasma energy is dissipated as the bolt travels, limiting the range as the energy becomes incoherent. Longer range is developed by longer blast tubes, which align the plasma energy carrier waves more closely through additional galven circuity , lens crystals, or other collimating devices.”

As far as the lighsaber section however, it is still open for debate. The only indication it gives one way or another is this: “…While the pure energy blade has no mass…” However, this is not necessarily proof that the blade is not plasma. Because plasma can also be thought of as pure energy and would probably not have enough mass to be noticeable. (Though, I am not 100% sure of that)

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