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Super Smash Bros. Trivia!

Do you think you are the SSB master? Well then, you should have no trouble figuring out these True/False these questions! (I will give you a hint! 5 are True and 5 are False!)

1. Luigi’s taunt is a meteor smash, and the only one doing any damage.
2. Super Smash Bros. originally was going to be released for Super Nintendo.
3. The type of milk Young Link drinks in his taunt is called “Lion Lion Milk”.
4. The Ice Climbers has the lowest third jump in the game.
5. The more you use Samus’s charge shot, it charges faster, but it does less damage.
6. Beating Event 51 without losing a life unlocks Dr. Mario
7. Zelda can transform into Sheik before a match starts by holding the B button during the loading period.
8. Lucas was going to replace Ness in Super Smash Bros. Melee but Mother 3 was delayed until 2006
9. Luigi has the longest mid-air jump in the game.
10. In Flatzone, if you use Yoshi’s egg roll attack, when you spin back around in the opposite direction, the egg is actually in 2-D.

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