Thinkgeek Spotlight – Books!

Books, Everybody Loves Books. So here are some awesome books from Thinkgeek!

The Government Manual for New Pirates

Argh! Do ye want to be a pirate? Then this be the book for ye! Argh! This book be includin all you lan-luvers be needen to know in order to become a full fledged pirate!


The Batman Handbook

Are pirates not your style? Would you rather prowl the streets and beat the snot out of criminals? Do you like to wear black? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need The Batman Handbook. In this book, you learn everything you need to know to become Batman! You learn how to do all those cool fighting moves, build those neat gadgets, and even train your own sidekick! Just don’t let any supervillians get a hold of this book!


Where’s My Jetpack?

Have you ever found yourself watching the Jetsons, 2001: A space Odyssey, or some other old sci-fi film/T.V series and wondered “Why don’t we have all this stuff yet?” Well, this book will provide you with the answer. In this book, the author Daniel H. Wilson talks about all the technology we are supposed to have but don’t. He also explains the efforts currently going on into creating these devices and/or what the problem is with the concept.


How to Survive a Robt Uprising

The Robots will rebel and try to enslave humanity. We all know it! Think about all the movies about it! Do you really want to be one of the unprepared goons who gets blown up 12 minutes into the movie or do you want to be the hero who can stop the uprising? Well, this book will tell you how to survive when the robots to attack. Oh, and for your enjoyment, here are some deleted parts of the book:

How to spot a Rebellious Robot Servant

How To Spot A Hostile Robot

How To Pose As A Humanoid Robot

How To Survive Hand To Hand Combat


Real Ultimate Power – The Official Ninja Book

Ninjas! Everybody loves Ninjas! You can lean everything you want to know about Ninjas in this book! Here are some sample facts about Ninjas, to show you the kind of awesome info that this book contains, from Thinkgeek:

  • Ninjas are mammals.
  • Ninjas fight ALL the time.
  • The purpose of the Ninja is to flip out and kill people.
  • Ninjas fly all the time…not like birds, but more like hovercrafts….
  • In the olden days, ninjas would develop their strength by wrestling with dogs, playing video games, and just plain hanging out. Fortunately, not much has changed.







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