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Space Age Technology

I have noticed that on a lot of crappy commercials that they use the term “Space Age Technology”. Recently I was watching one and I got to thinking, “what on Earth does this item have to do with space age technology! What do any of these items you see advertized have to do it! I mean really, it is a cake pan, not anything that complex.

The “Space Age” is the time we are living in now. The time where man has the ability to leave his planet and go into space. So, any technology from now is “Space Age Technology” In fact, according to Wikipedia, the Space Age begun on October 4, 1957. (The launch of Sputnik) So, really anything technology that has been created in the last 50 years could qualify for this term.

So I searched Google for things that have been invented in the past 50 years to see what kind of things can qualify as “Space Age Technology” Here are some of the things that I found and some info about who invented them and when:

  • 1957: Bubble Wrap: Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes
  • 1962: Light-emitting diode (LED): Nick Holonyak
  • 1963: Computer mouse: Douglas Engelbart
  • 1971: Pocket calculator: Sharp Corporation
  • 1971: Floppy Disk: David Noble with IBM
  • 1974: Rubik’s Cube: ErnÅ‘ Rubik

And That is only a few things [Note: you can see the list I found these on here. Also, I used Wikipedia to check the info I listed above]

So, why is it that commercials use this term so much. Many of things we use in everyday life can be considered “Space Age”. It does not mean it is a great new innovation that will revolutionize our would. It just sounds like that. Why would they waste time putting it in their commercials when they could talk more about the products features. (or maybe end the commercial quicker so I can get back to my show)
After a while, I figured it out! When they say “Space Age Technology” what they mean is that they could not think of any good reason for you to spend the next 8 years paying $29.95 a month for the product. “When you can’t think of anything good to say, say space age technology” They use it as a way of making a useless product sound less useless. The odd thing is, it seems to work!

Therefore, I have decided to use of this miracle term in my regular life. For Example, say someone hands me an article for the school paper and asks me what I think of it. I don’t want to say it is bad, because that would hurt their feelings, and I don’t want to say it is good either, because that would be a lie. So, I say “well, it is space age!” Or, if someone cooks for me and the food is less than enjoyable, I can say ‘Wow! This is really space age!

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