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My Trip to Florida (Part 1)

 Well, I’m in Kissimme, Florida.  (About 5-6 min from Disneyworld.)  It is almost 9:00 where I am and I have some down time so, I thought I would write about my trip so far.

We left on Saturday and we drove….all day.  We stayed a Holiday Inn overnight and the next morning we drove some more.  That evening, we arrived at our condo.  I wish you could see it.  This place is nice!  Not only do I have my own room, complete with a TV and a king sized bed, but I even have my own bathroom.

That night, we went to Medieval Times.  When we arrived, we were given paper crowns.  The color of the crown designated where we would sit and which knight we would cheer for.  There was a gift shop before the show that featured all kinds of groovy stuff.  After chilling out there for a bit, it was time for the show.  Our knight, the black and wite knight,. fought well but, unfortunately, lost.  In the end, though, it did not make much diffrence because the tournament was not the main story.  The knight even threw a flower to my little sister, who loved the horses there.

We were served food while we watched the show.  Because it is medieval, there was no silverware.  The menu consisted of some type of soup, roasted chicken, garlic bread, potatos, and a pastry.  The food was great.  The show was exiting.  I don’t think I have ever cheered so much for a competition.  This show was one of the greatest times of my life.  (I am probably gonna write another post about it later.)

Today, we are going to Epcot.  I will tell you more later.  Goodbye from Florida!

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