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My Trip to Florida (Part 2)


Well, I’m Back! My trip to Florida is over.

After I wrote my last post, We went to Epcot. We did a lot of stuff so I will just go over the best parts. I got to ride a seqway. (but not before watching a 20min presentation about them and signing a release form!) I rode mission space! (the less intense version due to my heart problems) I got to go on the “Universe of Energy” attraction. (It had Ellen Degeneres, Alex Trebek, Bill Nye the science guy, and even the dude who plays Kramer!) We did a lot of other stuff there too!

The next day was the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom was neat. I got to see a lot of animals that I have never heard of and a few I have. If you are going here, the best attraction to goto is the safari. Oh, I also got a caricature there and watched a really cool bugs life movie in 3d.

Hollywood Studios was by far the best park in Disney. The whole place is decorated in the awesome 1950’s look. There is an animation show and drawing lessons for those of you, like my brother, who love to draw. There was an awesome Star Wars themed ride called “Star Tours” that I got to ride….a couple times. 😀

One of the coolest parts was Fantasmic, A show that is fairly reminiscent of the Fantasia movies. It is a mix between, animation, lights, and people in costume. Trust me, this is definitely something you need to see if you are ever in Disneyworld.

On the final day, we went to Universal Studios. The Men In Black: Alien Attack was possibly the best. Your seat moves around as you try to shoot aliens. After a while you have to attack the other players. It is so awesome. The Terminator 2: 3d was also awesome! It made me want to watch the movie. Oh, and a word of warning: If you go on the twister ride, don’t get your hopes up. They built it up to be one of the wildest attractions in the park. (I almost ran out before it started I was so scared) and it turned out to be kinda anti-climatic. The bug’s life ride in disneyword was scarier. (Although, the twister thing is still neat…it is just not scary!) I even ate dinner at bubba gump!

My trip was basically awesome. I know I left out a lot of stuff, but there is no way I can possibly express all the awesomeness of everything there.

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