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Bloggish Link Farms

Since I started blogging on WordPress, I have been linked to by these “blogs” that only contain links to other blogs.  It is like a blog version of a link farm.  The two most common are “Star Wars Collectibles” and “Movies I own” The link to my site would usually contain a post like this:

“James wrote an interesting post today on

Here is a quick exerpt

*one or two sentences from my post*

Read the rest of this great post here.”

Even tough I hate link farms, I have ignored these because they increase my link count and make me easier to find on google.

However, I have noticed recently that it now credits the posts to random names like katedk, and Jeffrey Overstreet.

DO I LOOK LIKE A JEFFERY TO YOU?….don’t answer that!

My point is….uh….I don’t really have a point….I was just rambiling…he he….

In other news, my K key is jammed, making it harder to write….well, that’s all I really have to say.

Ok, now go do something productive!

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your username...


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