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My First SSBB Levels

Ok, So I made two levels for SSBB.  Here they are:

Don’t Look Down!:

This is a simple 4 platform stage….where all the floors are collapsible!

Pit of Doom:

I know! I know! Least original title ever!

I know that a picture says a thousand words but I don’t have one. So I will have to describe it for you!

Ok, basically this stage has three levels. The first level is a row of falling blocks, under that is a floor of ice, with a hole in the center. At the bottom, is a row of spikes with only 2 conveyor belts to jump onto (of course they try to send you into the spikes) at the far sides are springs to get you back to the top.

Well, that was long….just try it….I can’t explain the layout very well.

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your username...


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