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Athletes, Not Heroes

So, what do teachers, garbage men, and plumbers have in common?  Give up?  They are all needed for our society to function properly.  Think about it!  Without teachers, nobody would be educated.  That may not sound too important now, but just try to imagine life without being able to read.  (It would make text-messaging kind of hard!)  Without garbage men, what would we do with our trash?  Lastly there is the plumber.  I don’t even think I need to explain why they are important.Oh, there is one other thing that they have in common!  They all make less money than professional athletes.  Does this strike anyone but me as odd?  These people work hard to contribute to society and make next to nothing.  Meanwhile, a bunch of self-obsessed steroid addicts make millions for running after a ball like a little dog.  It seems kind of backwards, right?

I’m sure some of you are thinking “athletes contribute to society too!”  To that, I say “Bull!”  What do they possibly do that helps to improve the world in any way?  I could only come up with a few reasons but they could easily be discounted.

The 1st way is that they help the economy.  There is a lot of money that goes into these games and a lot of jobs that the games bring in.  However, there is also a lot of illegal betting and violence due to that betting.  So, money wise, the “big game” hurts as much as it helps.

The 2nd way I could find is that they give back to the community.  I admit, some athletes do give large donations to charitable causes.  All famous people do.  It helps their image.  So what if an athlete gave a million dollars to fight cancer!  He is worth 50 million!  It is not like it made a big dent in his bank account.

The 3rd way athletes may contribute is that kids look up to them.  Which can be a good thing, until the athlete starts getting arrested or starts taking steroids?  Also, of all the people we want our children to look up to, is athletes really one of them?  Why would you want a child to be an athlete when he (or she) could grow up to make the world a better place?  Wouldn’t it be better for the child to want to be an astronaut, doctor or scientist?

The final way that I could think of is Athletic scholarships.  I have always thought that the entire concept of an athletic scholarship makes no sense.  College is a place built upon academics, not athletics.  So, the fact that colleges, or even highschools, have athletic programs does not even make sense.  (Much less, the idea of giving free rides into college for playing sports.)

Basically, athletes make no real contribution to society.  So, why is our country so obsessed with them?  I think that it all goes back to primitive times, thousands of years ago, when man had to be strong to live, the time when men had to hunt with spears or arrows in order to eat.  Shouldn’t we have been able to let go of those primal instincts by now?  Does it really make sense that people who contribute nothing to our world are rich, yet the people who work had to make civilized life possible get no recognition?

What do you think?  Tell me about it!

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