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Do you like Waffles?


Spider-Man Tribute

This is a tribute to my favorite web head, Spider Man.  The song is raindrops keep falling on my head.  There is some amazing art work in here.


SSBB News! – Screenshots and Some Bragging

Ok, first of all, I have found an excellent program that allows you to change your Brawl screenshots into Jpegs.  (sorry, Colt, I only think it comes in an .exe)  I will probably put some screenshots up later.  You can get the program here:

Oh, and I beaat All Star mode on intense difficulty.  Sure I had to use 20 continues but…


You know you play too much Brawl when…

  1. You have beat the emissary….multiple times
  2. You have already spotted three glitches
  3. All of the recent posts on your site are about brawl
  4. You have put your own levels online
  5. You have gotten into huge arguments with your friends about who has the best final smash.
  6. You know your friends by their friend numbers
  7. When you fall and skin you knee, you shout “Crap!  That is 3% damage right there!”
  8. You have beaten all the challenges….multiple times
  9. You have gotten into arguments with your friends over the best controller scheme
  10. You consider “So…are you a Link player” a good pick-up line
  11. Your screenshots have filled up a 1gb SD card…multiple times
  12. SmashWiki is your homepage

My First SSBB Levels

Ok, So I made two levels for SSBB.  Here they are:

Don’t Look Down!:

This is a simple 4 platform stage….where all the floors are collapsible!

Pit of Doom:

I know! I know! Least original title ever!

I know that a picture says a thousand words but I don’t have one. So I will have to describe it for you!

Ok, basically this stage has three levels. The first level is a row of falling blocks, under that is a floor of ice, with a hole in the center. At the bottom, is a row of spikes with only 2 conveyor belts to jump onto (of course they try to send you into the spikes) at the far sides are springs to get you back to the top.

Well, that was long….just try it….I can’t explain the layout very well.


Super Smash World – Downloadable Stages!

This site lets you download some super groovy SSBB stages!  It also lets you upload them too!  I uploaded 2 but they have not shown up on the site yet. (they gotta be approved)  When they are available, I will write a post with links to them!


Bloggish Link Farms

Since I started blogging on WordPress, I have been linked to by these “blogs” that only contain links to other blogs.  It is like a blog version of a link farm.  The two most common are “Star Wars Collectibles” and “Movies I own” The link to my site would usually contain a post like this:

“James wrote an interesting post today on

Here is a quick exerpt

*one or two sentences from my post*

Read the rest of this great post here.”

Even tough I hate link farms, I have ignored these because they increase my link count and make me easier to find on google.

However, I have noticed recently that it now credits the posts to random names like katedk, and Jeffrey Overstreet.

DO I LOOK LIKE A JEFFERY TO YOU?….don’t answer that!

My point is….uh….I don’t really have a point….I was just rambiling…he he….

In other news, my K key is jammed, making it harder to write….well, that’s all I really have to say.

Ok, now go do something productive!

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your username...


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