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It’s Not Unusual … Ok, Maybe it is…

This is a compilation of Carlton’s dances on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  It is set to the song It’s not unusual by Tom Jones.  (I love that song!)


What has the world come to?

Argh!  At the GTAIV midnight launch, there were muggings and a stabbing in an attempt to get the game.  This world is sick.  It is just a game.  Gamers have been saying that all this anti-game hysteria is crazy, but there is truth behind it.  Games like GTA, Bully, Manhunt and others like them give games (and the gamers who play them) a bad name.  The gaming industry needs to wake up and realize that this is wrong.  Not just morally but it is logically stupid too.  Think about it!  It is these kind of games that are gonna give the anti-game maniacs out there more power.  Before you know it we will be living in a country where games are banned.  I know it sounds improbable but it is possible and it is growing more possible every time another one of these games are released.  It makes me sick to see that not only are these “games” being allowed on the shelfs but they are wildly popular.  I don’t see how anyone who plays these can call himself/herself a real gamer.

These kind of games do nothing but make the world worse.

This is why people don’t take gamers seriously!  It is because of these people who think that knowing how to use a controller and leaving ignorant comments on gamespot.  Video Games used to be a sacred sport until games like these were released and then the trash that call them selfs gamers appeared.

I mean it is like: “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” but that does not mean that guns should be available to phyco’s!  A midnight release of GTA is like handing out beers at an AA meeting!  Sure the video games like GTA don’t kill people, the people who play them do.  (and the game does not exactly help)

It almost makes me ashamed to be a gamer.

You can read more about it here



Oh, yeah!  You heard right!  They are giving away Betrayal, the first book in the Legacy of the Force series!  You can download it as a PDF, Ebook, or Audio Book.  But ya gotta act quick because the offer ends on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.  I have read this book before and it is awesome.  If you are a star wars fan, you should get this!


Marvel Digital Comics

Ok, I am sure that there are plenty of you out there who, like me, are big Marvel fans but don’t have the cash to get their regular superhero fix.  Now there is hope!  Marvel has a service called Marvel Digital Comics where you can read the comics you crave online!  If you want complete access to their giant library of digital comics, you are gonna have to give up some cash.  However, being completely broke, I am (currently) content with reading the 250 free samples.  Yes you heard right, 250 FREE COMICS!  Plus, they change on a regular basis. So that means that you will have a steady source of super powered mayhem.

The US Homepage

Here are the free comics! (I know that is all you really care about)


Fun things to do when in the middle of the school play

Yeah, if you don’t already know, I am in the school play.  (Not Cool!)  The play was clever, well written, and funny.  Then our teacher (who would not know humor if it hit her) took out most of the jokes.  The play is now stupid, humorless, and incoherent.  Most of us have lost complete interest in this new version.  Therefore, we suck.  So, in an attempt to rid myself of some of the stress….I present: Fun Things To Do In The School Play!

  1. Start Speaking with a fake accent. (A girl really is doing this…it is awesome)
  2. Dance at inappropriate times.  (like in the part of the play where you find out your aunt is murdered)
  3. Start a fight.
  4. Two Words: Water Balloons.
  5. One Word: Improv.
  6. Refuse to preform unless you are served a glass bowl of brown M&Ms.
  7. Randomly start singing Geeks In Love
  8. Preform the part perfectly…someone else’s part that is.
  9. If anyone boos, make them try to do better
  10. Suddenly yell, “Theatre is great and all, but is better!”
  11. Throw rotten produce at the audience.  (see how they like it!)
  12. Pretend to be Hamlet.  Preform all of his lines…unless the play is Hamlet….then you can be Romeo.
  13. Halfway through the play, yell “Cut” and walk away saying “I can’t work with these people!  I’m taking 5.”
  14. “Forget” your lines and bring out the playbook to look them up.
  15. Bring your pet ostrich to school.   (See fun things to do in Wal-Mart)

Whoops! I’m kinda late…

Ok, so I was looking over my “Happy 16th Birthday Earl” post when I stared thinking.  It should be close to time for my site’s one year anniversary and I want to plan something big.  So, I checked to see the exact date I started “James’ Dojo 2.0”  (the first one did not count….I am gonna consider it a practice run….I learned never to never let commies host your site)

And the Date is *drumroll* March 28! …. yeah…. I kind of missed it.  So this is my Approximately one year (give or take a month) anniversary special!” Ying!  yeah…so…that is pretty much it…. uh… sorry I don’t have anything planned but this is short notice and … well …. I don’t wanna write a really big post.  My 300th post is coming up soon anyways!  (probably about midways through May is nothing goes wrong)



Well, Earl, Happy Birthday!  This is for you:

(I had a funny, yet slightly depressing birthday video here, but it got removed)

😆 ok, now that you are horribly depressed:  Happy Birthday, Man!  You are now another year older and another year wiser.  I would like to thank you for always being here to keep my life from being completely boring.  Even though, we bug you, and tease you, and show up where you work and torment you, we only do it because we care.  Without you, life would get really boring really quick.  Plus, now you are old enough to get your licence…and well….my car stinks…so…yeah, … carpool …. and you have a job and I tend to leave my wallet at home so …. yeah …. you know where I am going with this ….

But seriously, Thank you for being such a good friend and for putting up with DS and me.  We really do appreciate you!  Here is to you, Earl!  You Rock!  Hope you have the best birthday ever!  (I know you are gonna have a good one because it is on the 27th 😉 )


Spider Sis! (Just More Rambling)

Ok, let me share a story with you.  My dad was putting my sister in the car (she’s 2) when she asked “where’s your sweater?”  My dad replied with “I don’t need a sweater, I’m a man.”  My sister simply said, “Your not a man, your a daddy!”  Dad, in an attempt to explain said “No, I’m a man and your a girl.”  My sister then exclaimed “I’m not a girl, I’m Spider-Man!”

I’m so proud of her!  She is gonna grow up to be a great geek someday.  (thanks to my example!) 

Oh, and I had Lucky Charms for breakfast!!!  I LOVE LUCKY CHARMS!

“Hearts, Stars and Horseshoes! Clovers and Blue Moons! Pots of Gold and Rainbows! And me Red Baloons!”


Sean Connery and Some Rambiling

Yeah, you see….DS has been getting these comments on his site by “Sean Connery.” Every comment is this “Dragons?!” Ok, first of all….I would like to say that whoever is behind this is brilliant and your my hero. But, I am gonna help DS track you down and find out it you are a spam bot or a friend pulling a prank. (if you are the latter, good one!) Yeah…I don’t really have much to say. I was at the ballpark all day with DS and my brother….we harassed Earl (who works there) a little. Mostly about his love life.

The Cheeseburgers at the ballpark were delicious. Like, some of the best ever. I wish I had one now.



How To Survive an Alien Attack

How to survive an alien attack as told by the experts.

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