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Ask a stupid question…

Ok, so I want to try something new.  I saw this game on a forum and it worked out well.  Basically, you ask a stupid question then get a stupid answer….It goes like this:

Person 1:

Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?

Person 2:

Why does Mario PWN so much?

Person 3:

Because he eats mushroms
Why is it called a Wii?

And so on…

Oh, and Please stay on topic for this post! I don’t want this to turn into a discussion about Earl’s love life.  (no offence earl)  If you have something random to say, please post it in another topic.  (Yeah Toast! seems to be the current dumping ground for off-topic discusions)  I will delete (or move) completely off topic comments in this post.

So, lets begin!:

Why is it called a Wii?

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your username...


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