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Fun Things To Do At Prom

I, personally, don’t care for prom.  I am not going this year, and I do not plan on going next year.  However,  prom is tomorrow and I can’t help but be overwhelmed by all the chaos. (That is why I am in the computer lab right now, everyone else is preparing for the big night)  So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my own prom tips.

  1. Because most girls take off their shoes to dance, it is a good idea to come barefoot.
  2. Guys, girls may say that they want you to wear a tux, but we all know that girls like surprises.  So, come to prom wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of jogging pants.
  3. When the prom king and queen are announced, pour a cooler of Gatorade on them.  It makes sense because they will probably be the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader anyway.
  4. Have a Lightsaber Fight.
  5. Steal someone else’s date….literally.  Pick her up and carry her away when he is not looking.
  6. Bribe the DJ to play the barney song.
  7. Randomly stand up any yell that prom is short for promenade.  (That really is true. Wikipedia told me!)  Girls will be so impressed with your knowledge of prom, they will dump their dates to hang out with you.
  8. Bring pet rats.  Set them free so that they may dance too.
  9. Throw raw fish at random people.
  10. Stand on a table and shout, “You know, promenade/prom is great, but not as great as visiting!”  😉
  11. While dinner is being served, start a food fight!
  12. Two Words:  Stink Bomb  (It’s a classic!)
  13. Propose a toast, “to all the idiots who paid $30 and rented tux/dress so they could hang out in a smelly gym that has streamer randomly thrown about”.  (We are having the prom in the school gym this year instead of renting a place)
  14. Propose another toast “to all the underclassmen who gave up their dignity to serve the idiots mentioned in the last toast”.  (No offence Earl)
  15. Bring Waffles.  (with syrup and butter of course)
  16. Break Dance to every slow song that is played.
  17. Come dressed as a viking.
  18. Come bringing a stack of school papers.  Try to sell them.  Be sure to yell so that everyone knows that you are selling them…..hey, Earl….your going to prom, right?….I got a little job for you.
  19. Since your in a gym, start a game of Dodge-ball.
  20. Set the streamers on fire.  (Nothing says “Good Memories” quite like arson)

That is all I can think of right now.  I may add more in the comments section later.  If you can think of some, then please feel free to tell us.

(see, I told you I had a good idea for a post!)


Rambling In Class

Well, I’m just sitting in the computer lab pretending like I am doing something fairly productive. 

I found out that my new theme looks crappy on some computers.  The sidebar was pushed down under all of the posts and there was a gap to the right of the header.  I can’t fix it.  Well,  If I set the text size to small then it looks right, but the comments are too small to read.  It is odd how giant the text in the sidebar looks on this computer.  I may work on the problem again in a min.  I probably never will be able to make this page look good on all computers.

Tony, one of my best friends, is sitting here next to me…hmmm….Tony needs to start a blog…that would be neat.

I decided to try the fullscreen text-editor option on the new wordpress dashbord.  I like it, it gives me a lot more room to write.  I even set the browser to fullscreen too, so the entire page is practicly a textbox.

I need to write something that has some kind of entertainment value….OH!  I know…I will write a Fun Things To Do list!  Those are always great….what to write about though…Wait!  I got an idea!  I better start writing it now.

Oh, and if you are wondering, I have a picture of a chicken because that is what we are having for lunch today.

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