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Spider Man: Web of Shadows … WOOT!

Well, it looks like they are at it again.  In this new title, New York has been infested with …. uh …. some white stuff …. it looks kinda like web … well, we know one thing:  It’s not Spidey’s web.  Well, either way this game looks like it is gonna rock!

We found this trailer on IGN.

Based on everything I have read this seems like it will be a very interesting game. 

First of all, it takes place in the comic universe, not the films.  So that means no Toby McGuire’s voiceovers  It also means that there will be a huge array of super-people.  You will get to fight a bunch of supervillians and team up with fellow heroes to save the day. 

This game also works on a beefed up version of the free-roaming engine that powered some of the previous games.  In this game, it won’t just be Mr. Nice Spider.  If you are good to the citizens, they will love you.  However, if you are less-than-friendly neighborhood spider man, they won’t love you anymore.

Also, what you do affects how the rest of the game goes.  Yes, you heard correctly, YOU CAN AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME!!!  So, when it is the final showdown and you look around at the heroes (and villains) that are helping you…you know that it is all your fault.  😉

I can’t wait!  Especially, considering that this game is coming out for all current systems.  (Wii included!!!)  So, now the only problem is deciding which I should save up for:  This or Force Unleashed…

Read the Yahoo! Coverege here.

And IGN’s Coverge


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