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Whoops! I’m kinda late…

Ok, so I was looking over my “Happy 16th Birthday Earl” post when I stared thinking.  It should be close to time for my site’s one year anniversary and I want to plan something big.  So, I checked to see the exact date I started “James’ Dojo 2.0”  (the first one did not count….I am gonna consider it a practice run….I learned never to never let commies host your site)

And the Date is *drumroll* March 28! …. yeah…. I kind of missed it.  So this is my Approximately one year (give or take a month) anniversary special!” Ying!  yeah…so…that is pretty much it…. uh… sorry I don’t have anything planned but this is short notice and … well …. I don’t wanna write a really big post.  My 300th post is coming up soon anyways!  (probably about midways through May is nothing goes wrong)



Well, Earl, Happy Birthday!  This is for you:

(I had a funny, yet slightly depressing birthday video here, but it got removed)

😆 ok, now that you are horribly depressed:  Happy Birthday, Man!  You are now another year older and another year wiser.  I would like to thank you for always being here to keep my life from being completely boring.  Even though, we bug you, and tease you, and show up where you work and torment you, we only do it because we care.  Without you, life would get really boring really quick.  Plus, now you are old enough to get your licence…and well….my car stinks…so…yeah, … carpool …. and you have a job and I tend to leave my wallet at home so …. yeah …. you know where I am going with this ….

But seriously, Thank you for being such a good friend and for putting up with DS and me.  We really do appreciate you!  Here is to you, Earl!  You Rock!  Hope you have the best birthday ever!  (I know you are gonna have a good one because it is on the 27th 😉 )

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