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Fun things to do when in the middle of the school play

Yeah, if you don’t already know, I am in the school play.  (Not Cool!)  The play was clever, well written, and funny.  Then our teacher (who would not know humor if it hit her) took out most of the jokes.  The play is now stupid, humorless, and incoherent.  Most of us have lost complete interest in this new version.  Therefore, we suck.  So, in an attempt to rid myself of some of the stress….I present: Fun Things To Do In The School Play!

  1. Start Speaking with a fake accent. (A girl really is doing this…it is awesome)
  2. Dance at inappropriate times.  (like in the part of the play where you find out your aunt is murdered)
  3. Start a fight.
  4. Two Words: Water Balloons.
  5. One Word: Improv.
  6. Refuse to preform unless you are served a glass bowl of brown M&Ms.
  7. Randomly start singing Geeks In Love
  8. Preform the part perfectly…someone else’s part that is.
  9. If anyone boos, make them try to do better
  10. Suddenly yell, “Theatre is great and all, but is better!”
  11. Throw rotten produce at the audience.  (see how they like it!)
  12. Pretend to be Hamlet.  Preform all of his lines…unless the play is Hamlet….then you can be Romeo.
  13. Halfway through the play, yell “Cut” and walk away saying “I can’t work with these people!  I’m taking 5.”
  14. “Forget” your lines and bring out the playbook to look them up.
  15. Bring your pet ostrich to school.   (See fun things to do in Wal-Mart)

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