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It’s Not Unusual … Ok, Maybe it is…

This is a compilation of Carlton’s dances on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  It is set to the song It’s not unusual by Tom Jones.  (I love that song!)


What has the world come to?

Argh!  At the GTAIV midnight launch, there were muggings and a stabbing in an attempt to get the game.  This world is sick.  It is just a game.  Gamers have been saying that all this anti-game hysteria is crazy, but there is truth behind it.  Games like GTA, Bully, Manhunt and others like them give games (and the gamers who play them) a bad name.  The gaming industry needs to wake up and realize that this is wrong.  Not just morally but it is logically stupid too.  Think about it!  It is these kind of games that are gonna give the anti-game maniacs out there more power.  Before you know it we will be living in a country where games are banned.  I know it sounds improbable but it is possible and it is growing more possible every time another one of these games are released.  It makes me sick to see that not only are these “games” being allowed on the shelfs but they are wildly popular.  I don’t see how anyone who plays these can call himself/herself a real gamer.

These kind of games do nothing but make the world worse.

This is why people don’t take gamers seriously!  It is because of these people who think that knowing how to use a controller and leaving ignorant comments on gamespot.  Video Games used to be a sacred sport until games like these were released and then the trash that call them selfs gamers appeared.

I mean it is like: “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” but that does not mean that guns should be available to phyco’s!  A midnight release of GTA is like handing out beers at an AA meeting!  Sure the video games like GTA don’t kill people, the people who play them do.  (and the game does not exactly help)

It almost makes me ashamed to be a gamer.

You can read more about it here

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