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Latest News in the Gaming Industry

There is so much going on in the game industry today that it is hard to keep track of. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of the most important news stories in the gaming industry. Hope you enjoy it!

Wii Sports Disaster Spawns Call for Recall!

Last week, in Boise Idaho, Sherill McGullin, age 49, decided to play one of her sons video games and it ended in disaster. While playing Wii Boxing, Sherill attempted to punch her opponent and ended up smashing her hand through the tv set. Not only did it destroy the television, but Sherill sustained many cuts and burns from the televisions electricity. After a week in intensive care, it was reported that the TV would never work again…oh, and Sherill’s doctor said she would be alright, but needed a cast.

Now she is suing Nintendo for releasing an unsafe product. She demands that Nintendo recall all the Wii Sports games so they may add a warning telling people not to punch the television set. She also wants the game to get an AO rating so that “No more children may be exposed to such a violent and bloody game.”

When issued with the court order, Nintendo’s Representative simply responded with “Are you serious? Am I getting punked? Where is the camera?” The court date is set for next September.

Bomberman: Act Zero: 2 Scheduled for December 2008 Release

You know that old saying “when you fall off the horse, you gotta get back on”? Well, it would seem as if Hudson Soft has gotten back on the saddle when they announced that a sequel to Bomberman: Act Zero would be coming out this December. The new installment, entitled “Bomberman: Act Zero 2: The Pac Man Conspiracy”, is said to connect to the Pac Man universe. And of course, Pac Man is gonna get reimagined in the same way that bomberman did.

“Imagine a big round monster with 3 rows of razor sharp teeth!” said designer Ned Orilive “there is gonna be blood and gore everwhere. Some people think that just because Act Zero is considered to be one of the worst games ever made that this new game is gonna be just as bad. But we have figured out where the last game went wrong and we won’t make that mistake again. Nope, this game is gonna have a lot more gore…and isnt that what every true bomberman wants?”

Bomberman: Act Zero 2: The Pac Man Conspiracy is set to release on the X-Box360, Ps3, PSP, PC, and Sega Neptune.

New Guitar Hero Expansion Announced

Yes, there is another Guitar Hero expansion in the works. This new expansion, currently being called America’s Heart takes the series in a whole new direction. In an interview Kevin Wruse, the project lead, stated ” We are taking the franchise in a whole new direction and I think people are gonna like it.” The expansion is rumored to have players playing a Banjo instead of a guitar and jamming to folk songs rather than rock. It is set for release in February.

“Meet Dave” Game set to release alongside movie

In a surprising move, Atari has bought the rights to a “Meet Dave” game based on the movie. In the film, Dave is a human spaceship being piloted by tinny little aliens. The game will re-create this scenario as the player will be the captain of Dave. The man goal of the game will be making Dave do usual everyday activities by completing minigames. Atari, however, spent so much time negotiating the deal, there will only be about 5 weeks to actually create the game. …sound familiar to anyone?

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