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Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger

As a self proclaimed geek, I read Wikipedia. It is one of my favroite websites (alongside gamespot, hulu, and the blogs) and it is where I learned most of the useless things I know today. Most of my ideas and inspirations come from Wikipedia. When ever I need to know something, Wiki is my first source. Wikipedia is the cure for boredom. Heck, it is where I get 90% of the pictures that accompany my posts! What I am getting at is that Wikipedia has made a real impact on the world and on peoples lives.

That is why I am adding Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, creators of wikipedia, to my Dojo of Fame.

Rather than acually writing about each of them and how they formed Wikipedia, I think it would be appropite to link to the wikipages on the subject. (By that I mean that I am too lazy to write the whole thing by myself 😉 )

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your username...


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