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I Played The Force Unleashed!

Yes, the title is correct. I have played a demo of The Force Unleashed. How is this possible? The demo is available to download over the PS3 or Xbox360. (My Dad has a PS3) So, I got to see what the PS3 version is gonna be like.

Before I played this demo, I thought TFU would be the game of the year. I don’t think that anymore. I know it! This game is so awesome!!! Believe the hype!

I started out with a force grip tutorial. Press R2 to initiate force grab. The left analog stick moves the item back and forth and side to side while the right moves it up and down and side to side. The system works fairly well. Granted, it does take some time to get used to it. When you first start, you will barely be able to hit your target, but before long you will be throwing with ease.

Next was off to the level! It started with a cutscene of Vader and his Apprentice where you find that your mission is to go to a Tie-Fighter facility and kill a Jedi that is mounting an attack. Vader also tells you to leave no survivors on the station.

Once you arrive on the station, it is yours to conquer. Almost everything can be destroyed with the force. I enjoyed destroying the windows on the ship so that the vacuum would suck stuff out before the lead shield came over the broken window. As you make your way down the corridors of the facility, you fight wave after wave of bad guys.

The core powers you can use are grip, push, and lightning. Push, which sends a big blast of energy, is particularly awesome. It is also handy when breaking down doors. (though you can also open doors by bombarding them with metal crates….though that takes a while) Push also gets an upgrade in the demo so you can charge it. It seems to be most effective (and cool looking) when used in midair. Lightning is also good, but only come in short busts in the demo. However this attack will do damage even after you initially use it. Some people will choose this as a favorite quick…but I never used it too much.

There is one part where you are fighting in a hanger. One fun thing to do is to move ties with the force and explode them infront of groups of troopers. You can also do a lot of other cool moves like picking someone up with grip and throwing your saber boomerang style to impale them. Also there is a move called grand slam where you jump in the air then strike your saber down, unleashing a wave of energy around you.

Finally at the end of the demo is a mini-boss fight. You get to fight an AT-ST and a few Storm Troopers. After you get the AT-ST’s health all the way down, you will be prompted to complete a quick button pressing minigame that causes you to do an awesome move where you slice the AT-ST in half.

However, All games have flaws and this is no exception. This game suffers from an incredibly bad camera. You fight it about as often as you fight the troopers. Only the force cannot make the camera work. However, it is worth suffering through the pitiful camera for the awesome gameplay.

Overall, this game is amazing from what I have seen. I would definitely recommend it and plan on getting it as soon as I can. Believe the hype!

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