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Speed Racer (8.7/10)

Ok, I am gonna start out by saying that I have not watched the cartoon.  So, I can’t compare them, my review is based solely on the merits of the movie and not if it did justice to the series.

Ok, when I first heard about this movie it seemed destined to suck.  I did not want to see it at all….then I got curious.  Well, now I have seen it, and I am glad I did.  This movie is awesome.

One of the big things about this movie is the style.  The movie tries to blend the anime animation style and live action, the result is one of the most unique styles I have ever seen.  (And yes, that is a good thing.)  The racing scenes are epic.  It is a mix between kung-fu and racing that basically adds up to pure awesomeness.

The plot, is pretty good with a few twists and turns.  (some of which are predictable, some are not)  There are also a few laugh out loud moments.  All of the characters have a very unique personality, yet still seem like a family.  I just have one question…what is up with the monkey?  (oh well, he is cool too)

My only real regret is not seeing it in theaters.

Well,…now I gotta watch the cartoon.

Go Speed Racer Go!


Command & Conquer: Red Alert for Free (and Legal!)

In celebration of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (and the 13th annevesery of the series) EA is giving away the first Red Alert Game. (either should work for online play) You can download the game at the web site. There are 2 disks to download, one for the allied campaign and one for the soviet campaign.

In case you don’t know about the series, It is not just another WW2 shooter. No, this is a Real Time Stategy game that takes place in an alternate future in which Albert Einstein went back in time to kill Hitler before he rose to power. It is supposed to be one of the greatest RTS games in the world. (I have not played it yet, but the alliance disk is 22% downloaded at the time of writing.)

It can be found here:

(Btw, Thanks to Babcom5 for telling me about this)


The Evils of Advertising

Ads – You see them everywhere. They are on television, in newspapers, on the web, in our schools, even on the side of the road! They are usually annoying, but a necessary evil. They provide us with many free things. Take Youtube for example, it takes a lot of money to run that site. Money which it earns through the ads you see on the side of the page. I could go on and on listing the things that we take for granted that are paid for by ads, but that is not the point of this article.

The question is, when and where do advertisements cross that line from necessary evil to pure evil?

I first stared pondering this question when I read that Google is planning to put commercials in video games. Now, in game advertising is nothing new, but I don’t want my game to have commercial breaks. That is where I draw the line. Not only are commercials appearing in inappropriate places, they are often times inappropriate themselves. It is getting to the point that big business will put anything in advertisements to attract customers.

So, If ads are getting to be such a problem, then how do we fix it? We obviously can’t ban advertisements. The only real solution would be to regulate them, but even that would be next to impossible. In order for congress to regulate advertisement, they have to agree where to draw the line. What one person considers inappropriate may seem just fine to another. Not only would the large disagreements hinder and hope of regulated advertising, but the advertising firms themselves would not go down without a fight.

If we could agree on what is too much and when to draw the line, we may have a hope of cutting down the number of ridiculous advertisements, but if there is one thing humanity is not good at, it is compromise.

So for now, we will just have to bear the evils of advertising and hope it does not get worse.


Which is better?: Mario Party or Mario Kart?

Ok, there is a lot of Mario-Based Multiplayer Madness there, but out of them all, the 2 best are Mario Kart and Mario Party. Which is better? (I did not count SSBB cause it is so awesome there would be no real contest)

Acually…i heard Strikers is good, but I have never played it, so I did not include it in the list…If you think it is better than either of those 2, sound off.


Monk Season 7 Summer Wrap Up

Well, the first half of Monk is gone. No more new episodes until January. So I, in case you missed an ep, I am gonna give you a quick super short review of each episode of the season so far.

[Note: this is just a review, there is no synopsis. For a synopsis of the episodes go here]

Mr. Monk Buys a House (*): A disaster. It handled Dr. Kroger’s death quite well, but was an otherwise terrible episode. The worst episode on the list.

Mr. Monk and the Genius (*****): Brilliant! Keeps you guessing throughout the entire episode and Monk’s foe is someone who you really love to hate.

Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever (***): Good. The mystery is solid and it has some classic monk humor. It is a fun ep, but not particularly memorable.

Mr. Monk Takes a Punch (****): Really good. This is a great episode. The only flaw is that the mystery is a little to easy.

Mr. Monk is Underwater (****): Really good.  The mystery was ok, but the highlight of this episode was the humor of the delusional Mr. Monk.

Mr. Monk Falls in Love (***):  Good.  This episode is more sad than anything.  The mystery is great because it is simple, yet you are not likely to figure it out until Monk does.

Mr. Monk’s 100th Case (****):  Great episode.  The mystery sucked.  But, the humor and interviews with people from past episodes make this a great one to watch.

Mr. Monk gets Hypnotized (****):  Though making Monk think he is 7 years old is a little gimmicky, it turns out to be halarious while at the same time having a really good mystery.


Guybrush Threepwood

In honor of Talk like a Pirate day, I am adding Guybrush (fancy pants) Threepwood to the Dojo of fame. He is the first (and possibly only) fictional character to be inducted.

Not much is known about Guybrush’s past…exept that he wanted to be a pirate and ended up getting washed up on the shores of Melee island. Soon he falls in love with Elaine Marley, becomes a pirate, and defeats LeChuck…..quite a few times…

Ok, you may be wondering why he has such a goofy name…well, here is what wikipedia has to say about it:

The origin of the name “Guybrush” comes from Deluxe Paint, the tool used by the artists to create the character sprite. Since the character had no name at this point, the file was simply called ‘Guy‘. When the file was saved, Deluxe Paint automatically appended the extension ‘.brush‘; before the designers could think of a proper name they got used to referring to ‘Guy.brush‘ when talking about the sprite and decided to use it as the protagonist’s actual name.[1] “Threepwood” was the name of Dave Grossman’s RPG character and was picked through voting. The name comes from P. G. Wodehouse’s family of characters including Galahad Threepwood and Clarence Threepwood, 9th Earl of Emsworth.


The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)
Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge (1991)
The Curse of Monkey Island (1997)
Escape from Monkey Island (2000)

So today, on National Talk like a pirate day, lets show some respect for the greatest, funniest, best dressed pirate in history! Then, lets show some respect for Guybrush Threepwood star of the greatest, funniest, incredibly clever video game of all time!

“I’m Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty Pirate”


5 Random Quotes for September (2008)

I FORGOT AUGUST!  I can’t belive that I forgot to put up 4 random quotes for August!  …. I did write some Kenan and Kel quotes…that will have to do…

Well, here they are 5 random quotes for September:

  1. Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.  ~Oscar Wilde, De Profundis, 1905
  2. People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.  ~Leo J. Burke
  3. In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.  ~Booker T. Washington
  4. Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots.  So far, the universe is winning.  ~Author Unknown
  5. Memory is what tells a man that his wife’s birthday was yesterday.  ~Mario Rocco

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