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The Advantages of Video Games

I wrote this article for my english class.  It is about the Advantages of playing video games.  (she let us pick our own topics)  I put it here in case anyone wanted to read it.  Hope you enjoy it!

There are many different stereotypes in the world, and most of which are not based on any truth.  For example, not all blonde women are dumb.  And, contrary to popular belief, not all people from Texas are cowboys.  However, the most annoying of these stereotypes is that all gamers are juvenile delinquents.  Some people even go as far as to try to ban video games for having negative effects on children. The fact of the matter is that most dedicated gamers are quite the opposite.  Rather than foster bad behavior, videogames actually teach good sportsmanship, patience, and creative problem solving.

While there is some truth to the stereotype, it is not an informed truth.  There are many people who fit the stereotype, but they are not real gamers.  For one to be a true gamer, one must play different types of games, not just what is considered “popular”.  There are many posers, who call themselves “hardcore gamers”, who only play what is popular and will never try anything new.  A wise man once said that a true gamer enjoys video games like some people enjoy fine wine

Also, Video Games, like sports, encourage good sportsmanship.  In order to play a competitive game one must learn how to handle both defeat and victory.  While there are many gamers who tend show bad sportsmanship, this is the case in all sports. Also the bad sports are often banned from servers or simply ignored, forcing them to learn to either act better or play alone.  Also, those who never learn to be a good sport are usually not real gamers.
Playing a game requires a certain level of patience.  Often times a gamer will find himself/herself spending hour after hour trying to master one small portion of a game. Even while playing online, one must play a game for a long time to be able to succeed. For example, in massive multiplayer online games, one starts out at a relatively weak level. In order to accomplish anything, the player must work to gain experience points, often having to do tedious actions, so that they may be good enough to be a good player.

Most importantly, playing videogames is healthy for the mind.  Watching TV is a passive form of entertainment; there is no interaction.  Playing a game, however, requires keeping track of many different things at once.  Some games even put an emphasis on problem solving.  Myst, for example, focuses mainly figuring out how to work strange devices based on small observations the player makes throughout the game.  Also, the adventure games developed by Lucasarts in the early 90’s place a large emphasis on using objects around you in creative ways.  While these games use creative problem solving as the main game mechanic, other games, such as the Metroid and Zelda series, manage to combine many types of problem solving skills while remaining action packed.

In conclusion, while the world of gaming is does have its fair share of people who fit the stereotype, most real gamers do not.  Often times, gamers turn out to be quite successful, partly because videogames helped them to learn patience, good sportsmanship, and creative problem solving.  The gamers are not the problem; the true problem is the stereotyping.

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