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Fracture Bombed?

Back when Lucasarts first announced The Force Unleashed they also announced another game: Fracture.

Fracture is a FPS that takes place in a dystopian future…which is nothing new.  However, it had a neat gimmick …er, gameplay mechanic.  You can change the surrounding terrain to give you an advantage.  Making hills and holes suddenly appear sounded fun, I thought this was gonna be a must have game.

Then I saw that gamespot gave it a 6.  So I checked IGN, 5.9.  Then I checked metacritic, 65%.  Yeah…

Apparently this game sucks.  (after watching gamespot’s video review, I don’t want to play it any more)

What a let-down.  The terrain deformation had potential.

Oh well, I at least hope TFU is good….I know it did not do much more than 10% better….but I still have hope for it.

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