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Some More Brawl Stages

Well, I have been making some brawl stages.  I thought some of them pwned so I submitted them to IGN’s Super Smash Bros World.  I wanted to highlight the better ones in this post. (sorry, the pictures are not very good…I was trying to get as much of the stages as possible)

Object In Motion

This stage, inspired by battlefield, has regular platforms. You are constantly on a conveyor belt above spikes. This stage is fun, but bots just get stuck in the spikes.

Ferris World

At the top of the stage is 4 small platforms to start on. Under them, it is nothing but spinning wheels. Again, a stage where you are constantly in motion. Great for battles between flying characters (or at least ones with good recoveries)

Cage Match

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! My personal favorite of my stages. This is a very tight stage. There is only one way to KO someone, and that it so shoot them through the opening in the middle. Sounds easy? Wrong. This map tends to cause long, epic, battles.

I hope you enjoy my stages and you can see the ones that I did not write about in this post here.

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