The Old Republic – KOTOR MMO Confirmed

Yep, after many rumors, it has been confirmed that Lucasarts and Bio-Ware are not only developing a third Knights of the Old Republic game, but it is gonna be an MMORPG.  Star Wars: The Old Republic will take place about 300 years after the events of the KOTOR.

Boiware claims that this game will feature in-depth storytelling, going as far as to claim that TOR will have more story content than all of their previous games combined.  Yeah, if that claim is true, then I definetly am gonna have to try this game.  (The 1st KOTOR had more story than I could handle)  The stories are also supposed to be based on your class, which sounds fairly interesting as it would make the class selection much more important.

One odd thing is that Bioware seems to be breaking one of the longest standing rules of SW games, all bad guys do not use the dark side and all good guys do not use the light side.  You can be part of the republic and use the darkside of the force or be part of the sith empire and use the light side.  Hmm…I sense that there will be a lot of dark side powers used.

So far this game holds more promise than any MMO I have ever seen.

You can see a video where some of the developers talk about the game here, and you can visit the offical website here.

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