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Which is Better? – The Lame Mario or Batman Movie

Ok, I know that they both suck, but that is what makes this one interesting.  If you had to watch one of them, which one would be less painfull?



Incredibots is an incredible game I have come across on notdoppler.  The goal of the game is to “Build your own custom robot and use the robot to complete a variety of challenges.”  It takes a little longer to figure out than most flash games, but it is worth it.

You can play the game here:

Or, I have provided the download link here:  (but don’t tell notdoppler 😉 )

(You have to right-click the link and select “save-as”…the game should work on any web browser…assuming that the computer has flash.)


City of Ember (2.5/5)

I rented this recently.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.

This movie did have some potential.  It is about an underground city that has been running for over 200 years.  The inhabitants of the city know nothing of the outside world.  But the city is falling apart, and two young tweens must find the way out of ember, before it is too late.

The movie does a horrible job at getting you to care about the characters.  It feels very slow.  Also, it never really explained why they were underground in the first place.  (it gave a few vauge hints, but I think it was saving the answer for the sequel…but I doubt another one will come out any time soon.)  It is fun to see how life in ember works, and the society they have built, but not fun enough to hold up this otherwise boring movie.

This film really had a lot of promise.   Unfortunately, it did not live up to potential and left me completely dissapointed.

I would say that you should rent this movie, but it would be a lie.  Stay away, re-rent Get Smart or I Am Legend instead.  (thats what I was gonna do)


What Wii Owners Want

*Warning: This just is one of those posts where I ramble on and on about something in an attempt to vent frustration*

Ok, I firmly believe that the wii had great potential.   The fact of the matter is the Wiimote can help to immerse you in the game and make the experience better, also Nintendo can make some pretty awesome games when it wants too.  That is why it is my console of choice.

So why does it have so many problems?  Personally, I think that there is several factors as to why.

First of all, Nintendo should have finished the system before they released it.  It could have much better graphics and processing power, but it does not because they wanted to make it slim and cute.  Design should not overrule power.  Also, the Wiimote needed 1:1 accuracy.  I know that wiimotion plus is supposed to take care of that, but it should have been there from the start.  I don’t know if the tech was rushed to get it out in time for the holiday rush or if it was a conspiracy.  (read more about my theroy here) Either way, it should have been finished before sold.

Also, Nintendo needs to stop worring to much about casual gamers.  I am not saying ignore them (they are too much of a cash cow for that to happen) but give real gamers the same treatment.  Make some good quality games for us.  I do not mean Wii Sports 2, Animal Crossing: City Folk, or Wii Music.  I mean some good 1st party titles.  Give us a new Zelda or Metroid adventure.  Prehaps more Mario would be in order. (but not Mario Party!)  Or create something totaly new and exciting for us!  Just don’t forget us!  We have stood by you for years, stand by us now!  Set a good example for other developers! 

In fact, Nintendo could be a little more picky about what is allowed to come out for the wii.  Right now, anyone can get the Nintendo seal of approval.  (Heck, I got three and I don’t even develop games 😉 )  Set up a commette or something to check games for quality before giving them the seal.  Don’t just make quality games yourself, but demand it of others also!

Nintendo fanboys are a community, so let us interact!  Make some improvements to the Wii’s online connectivities.  Write an update that will get rid of Wii Friend Codes forever!  Start supporting more online play in games.  The wii speak attachment is a step in the right direction, but we need more to create a online community.  We are tired of being behind of the PS3 and 360 when it comes to onilne play.

Also, to the third party developers, treat the wii like an equal.  If you want to make a game for all three current gen consoles, give them all the same attention.  Don’t concentrate all of your effort on the PS3,360 versons and then slop togather a wii version.  And especially don’t hand off the wii version to some company in Australia who is also workin on the ps2, ds, and psp versions! …sorry, I just had a TFU flashback…

Anyway, the point is that developers should treat the wii as an equal system.  Not some pile of casual crap.  Give the Nintendo fanboys some respect, and we will want to but your game.  Heck, if anything the wii may deserve more attention when developing a game for all 3 consoles as it seems to be the hardest to program for.

Ok, now I have chewed out Nintendo and the developers, not it is your turn.  We don’t need to give up on the system.  You want to get another system, then fine, but don’t give up on the Wii.  There are still plenty of great games around for the wii, so play them.  If you can, try to download some wiiware titles.  Stay optimistic for 2009, this just may be the Wii’s year to shine.  But above all, we need to let Nintendo and the other developers know that we are here and we want good games.

Things will get better eventually,  we just gotta be patient.


New Play Control

Well, as you probably know, Nintendo has not exactly been treating its fans that well recently.  They continue to make more and more casual titles while leaving us real games sitting around and wondering what happened.  Well, we told nintendo we wanted more fun games for the wii, and they are giving us just that….the only problem is, it is games we have played before.

Yes, Nintendo has finally started recyling its Gamecube games.  Starting in Japan, the “New Play Control” program will re-release gamecube games for the wii with motion sensitive controls tacked on.

The first games to be wiidone (pardon the pun) will be:

  • Metroid Prime 1
  • Metroid Prime 2
  • Pikmin
  • Pikmin 2
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
  • Mario Power Tennis
  • Chibi-Robo!  (yes, you read that right)

According to Wikipedia, there will be more changes than just revamped controls.  They are also supposed to up the graphics and possibly a few other things.  (Improving level designs, better saving feature, that kinda stuff)

As far as the price goes, most sites I have checked that they will be budget titles, yet a few of the sites suggest the wii versions will be full price ($50)

If these are indeed budget titles, then it may be woth a shot.  After all, I don’t have Mertoid Prime 2, and it may be nice but the Wii version rather than bum off of Earl’s gamecube copy.  Also, this may bring about some motivation for me or my brother to purcyhase Donkey Kong Jungle Beat or Mario Power Tennis.

However, even if these do turn out to be successfull, it is still no excuse for the lack of good games on the wii.  Come on Nintendo (and 3rd party developers) there is good money to be made on quality games that true gamers can enjoy.  Let the casual gamers play their shovelware (they don’t know the diffrence) and give us some good games.  We won’t be satisfied with a rehash of last system’s games.


Battlefront 3 Video Leaked!

Ok, I apologize for the low quality, but I had to post this.  Apparently, some secret Star Wars: Battlefront 3 trailer made its way onto the interweb.  I found out about it on IGN, where they not only have the video, but also commentary on it.  From the looks of it, this installment is gonna be great.  It looks as though there will be a deeper single player campaign, and the battles will take place on land and space….at the same time.  If you watch the trailer, it shows a ship take off from ground, mess around for a min, then go into space and dock in a capital ship.  That sounds epic!  I so can’t wait to play this game if/when it comes out.

The IGN vids are here:

The leaked trailer

The trailer with commentary

(Lucasarts made youtube remove the video I had posted here, but the IGN links still work)


I have found out some more info about the fate of Battlefront 3.  First of all, that awesome seamless air to space transistion will be canned. A former free radical employee told IGN “”It’s dead. The stuff in the video of going from the ground to air to space to orbit is the tech that is dying with us”.  It shall be replaced with a cutscene transition.  (why!?)

Also, the game is rumored to have fallen into the hands of Rebellion Development or Pandemic Studios, both of wich have worked on previous Battlefront games.  (My bet is Rebellion because that is what game informer says)

This is certainly some bad news for Star Wars gamers everywhere.  Well, lets hope it still turns out to be pretty cool.


Boom Blox (4/5)

When I first heard about this game, I thought it looked like a piece of shovelware crap.  Then I found out that Steven Speilburg was making it.  Not only has he directed some of the greatest games ever, he also plays videogames.  (with his favorites being games like Monkey Island and Myst)  So I figured I should give it a try, but rather than buying the game myself, and taking the risk of a game I was not sure about, I decided to wait until earl took the risk, then borrow it from him.  😀  It turns out that Earl’s risk payed off.  Boom Blox is a fun game for all ages.

The game has different modes, either you will be removing blocks from a tower while trying to keep the tower from collapsing (like Jenga) or, you will be trying to collapse the towers by throwing things at them.  (like baseball, bowling ball, bomb, etc)  Different blocks have different properties.  Chemical block explode when they touch each other, purple blocks vanish when hit, bomb blocks vanish when it, etc.  So there is often a strategy as to which blocks you should be aiming for.

The game itself is really fun.  I enjoyed figuring out the best way to destroy towers, or keep them from falling.  While some of the earlier levels are easier to figure out, later ones become difficult.  There is “explore mode” where you simply play level after level, and there is “adventure mode” where they put little stories into the levels.  The stories are really childish, but they were meant to be.  It is a cute little addition for the kids, but easily skipable.

There are a few modes that are not fun.  For example, there is a few places where you have to shoot the blocks with a laser gun, this is just a lame point and shoot game.  Also, in the adventure mode there are levels where you have to defend gems from bad guys by throwing bombs at them.  These sections are just not fun.  It also would have been nice if the wii pointer was a little less sensitive, as it is hard to aim at times.  Or, a zoom feature would be nice, so I could see what I was doing a little better.

There is a level creator mode, but I did not really mess with it very much.  Suffice to say that it is there and it works.

The real fun of this game is that it is great to play with friends.  It gets surprisingly competitive, and it is always funny to hear your friend scream “oh, crap” while the tower is falling on his turn.

Overall, I think this is a great little game.  It is one of the few titles that can bridge the gap between casual player and core games.  Fun for little kids, teen, or older people.  This is genuinely a great game, even if it does feel a little too cutsey at times.

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