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Pink Panter 2 (3/5)

Well, we went to see this movie for DS’s birthday friday.  It was me, my brother, DS, Earl, and Nolan….which means that over 3/4 of the people who read this blog regularly were there.  But I shall review it anyways!

This movie was…decent.  It follows Inspector Clouseau as he leads an international dream team to recover the national treatures that are being stolen by a mystery man known as “The Tornado”.  The Inspector the proceeds to bumble around and makes a fool of himself.

One thing I can say about this movie, is that it did make me laugh quite a bit.  However, if you make enough jokes some of them are bound to be funny, and there were a lot of jokes.  It felt as throught they tried to fit in every single joke they could possilby think of.  And many of the jokes simply fell flat.  As for the plot, it was the biggest joke of them all.  It just was not very well written.

You may be thinking that this film was obviously this film was written for children, so I should not scrutinize it too closely.  But, here is the thing, I don’t really think the film was written for children.  I know it is PG, and was marketed for children, but I think it was meant to be for adults.  A few of the themes (and jokes) seemed to mature for the little kids who were at the theatre.  It is not neccicarily a “mature” movie, but I can’t imagine some of those jokes going into a movie written with children in mind.

Overall, this film did hold up fairly well.  It just was not great.  I would not reccomend renting it.  (much less buying it) but if there is nothing else at the video store, and you feel like taking a risk, this movie might help to kill some time.

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