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Madagascar 2 (1.5/5)

I think the number one key to a good sequel is to keep it from feeling too much like a sequel.  Often times, it feels as if the filmmakers did every thing in their power to make a sequel that will sell well.  They look at what people liked about the old movie and then they run it into the ground and wind up ruining the movie.

Keeping that in mind, Madagascar 2 feels more like a sequel than any movie I have ever watched in my life.  (save for maybe the bits and pieces of open season 2 I saw)  This movie was terrible.  Quite possible every funny joke from the last movie was re-used at least once here.  The plot, if you can call it that, is basically that the animals build a plane to take them back to New York, and then they crash in Africa. 

Each character has his/her own problems that eventually all come together in a big anti-climatic thingy.  The fact of the matter is I did not really care about their problems anymore.  They just were not interesting and, in some cases, felt forced.

While the last movie was hilarious, this film falls far from the mark.  It did have one or 2 moments that were funny, but for the most part it was just a re-hash of the last movie.  The penguins, my favorite characters from the last film, only bored me and creeped me out a little.

I can say a few positive things about this film.  There were a few moments that were genuinly funny, and the music was catchy.  I could trash this movie a lot more, but I am gonna stop, so that I don’t reviel any spoilers to the people who still want to try to watch this.

Overall, Just watch Madagascar 1 again, and try to pretend that this installment does not exist.

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