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Aperture Science Website

I recently decided to check out the Aperture Science website.  It gives you a black screen where you can type commands in a DOS prompt style.  I know this is old but I have never played with it before.

I figured out that you can type “login” and you will be prompted for a name and password.  Then I figured out that you can login to a limited account using anything for the username and “portal” for the password. 

In the limited account, you can only run one program “apply”.  I wanted more, so I googled it.  Somebody found the admin login (it is supposed to be hidden in the game somewhere)

username: cjohnson
password: tier3

Once there you can press dir or list to see the list of programs: Apply (allows you to apply for being a test subject) and Notes (the history of Aperture Science)

You can also type help for a list of other commands (typing play poral takes you to a removed youtube page)

according to IGN, there are some other commands.

  • interogate (not sure what it does it asks for a employyes name)
  • thecakeisalie (takes you to a vid of something)
  • play portal (takes you to a youtube page, but the guy on ign says the vid is gone)

 Well, I am gonna go play with it some more.  I’ll let you know if I discover anything cool.  Bye.

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