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Monkey Island Mania!

Hold on to you hats fellow pirates!  It looks as though all of out Monkey based prayers have come true!  The Secret of Monkey Island is being remade!  Better graphics, Shiney New Interface, Newly Recorded Score, and Voiceovers!  (and yes, Dominic Armato is doing the voice for Guybrush)  This remake will have a new hint system and the ability to swap from the new verion and old version at any time!  The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will come out for PC and XBox Live Arcade.  (sorry, no wii)

But that is not the best part!  Lucasarts is publishing a new series of episodic Monkey Island games!  (And yes, it is being developed by telltale games)  It is called Tales of Monkey Island.  But let me set things strait…it is not Monkey Island 5, it takes place after the nonexsitant Money Island 5.  (Which means that a MI5 just may be in the works)  Rather than each episode being a standalone story, like Telltales other episodic games, the 5 part monkey island game will tell one story.  This one is coming out for Wii and PC…but no Xbox this time.

This is going to be great.  Though, I am a little dissapointed that Tales of Monkey Island (TMI?) will be fully rendered in 3d rather than the awesome 2d that we saw in Curse of Monkey Island.  I still plan on downloading them as soon as I get a chance…even if I have to rob a bank to do so…


…Oh, yeah, and Nintendos E3 was supposed to have been good too…

…here is the trailer!

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