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Dual Review: Up (5/5) and Star Trek (4/5)

Ok, I know Jake is the one who started doing the whole multiple review in one post thing.  I know and admit that I am stealing it from him.  I don’t think he will care too much, and if you do…I am sorry, but I have seen a lot of movies lately and I don’t want to write out a big post for each one of them….ok?  Alright.

Up (5/5)

See this film. Need I say more? Ok, Up is a great movie.  Children will love it, adults will love it….Pixar has done it again.  Just go see it.  Now…

Star Trek (4/5)

Star Trek is also a great movie…but its not perfect.  It felt like they were catering to the needs of the new people rather than the needs of the nerds who already love Trek.  It felt much more modern, which I did not really like.  It was full of action…shaky cam action…which gives you a headache…and the plot did not really make you think like a Star Trek film should.  Overall, it was a great movie, something that trekkies and non-trekkies would both like.

If you are a not a trekkie, you will be amazed beyond what you can expect.

If you are a trekkie, you will enjoy this film, but don’t expect it to be as good as the non-trekkies say it is.

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