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The Fanfic – Part 6: Worst Ending Ever!

ARGH!  Sorry I have not been posting….I have been putting off finishing this for a while…but I am gonna end this once and for all now.

The ultimate showdown…

James looked around at the void he had created.  It was dark…yet he could see everything.  Heroes and Villians scattered from all across the universes….gathered togather to fight for the survival or destruction of the universe.  James now understood…he knew the power he could wield and he knew why he was chosen to carry the burden of saving the universe.  He was not just the chosen one he was the author of this pathetic excuse for a story.  The battle was epic.  Slowly though, it started to die down.  Everyone was dying…there were few still left to fight.  James had just finished tearing Hitler to shreds when Darth Vader stabbed him from behind.  He died almost instantly.  DS (yes, dressed as the grim reaper) and Earl finished clobbering the megatron and ran towards him.

“I can’t believe he is gone!” cried Gage

“Me neither…I can’t believe he wrote himself out of his own story” said Jake

Suddenly James sprang back to life.

“But you were just dead a minuite ago?” said Gage

“The power of friendship brought me back to life” replied James

“BOO!” Shouted Colt, who just happened to be standing nearby.

Just then the TARDIS (pictured above) appeared and the Doctor jumped out running towards James.

“I am here to warn you that Vader is going to stab you in the back” he said

“yeah….a little late”

“Oh….well…bye” he said as he left.

“Ok I am really ending this now” said James as he jumped up into the air.  Energy glowed around him and as the power of the author built up he…

Woke up.

It was just a dream everybody!  James woke up to realize he had fallen asleep at his computer.

“I really need to get out more” he said to himself as he went to get some breakfast.  Wait…something was in his pocket…he reached inside and pulled out a small purple stone with the letter Q engraved on it.  Just a dream?….

Yes!  It is over!  Finnally!  Free at last free at last!  Woot!….I mean, Uh…..I hope you enjoed my story and uh…yeah….

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