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PS3 Demo Review – inFAMOUS (5/5)

Ok, I am trying a new type of review.  Since I do not own a ps3 and may nerver get a chance to play the game in its entirety, I am reviewing its demo.  You see, my Dad has a PlayStation 3 at his house and I often download and play demos there after the rest of the family has gone to bed.

When I started the demo I already knew the basics, as I had played it as DS’s house before.  Basically, you have a huge arsenal of electricity based weapons with wich to do all kinds of neat stuff.  You can be good or evil, and all of your actions affect your Karma meter, which basically is a hero/villain meter.  In the demo the meter automaticly swiches between challenges so that you can try it as both good and evil.

If you have a ps3 connected to the internet and you don’t already own inFAMOUS, you need to download its demo immediately.  It takes a while to download as the file is almost a gigabyte, but it is worth it because it is the longest demo I have ever played.  I actually worried for about 10 min that I had accidentally purchased the retail version or something.  It has been a few days, but I think I remember it being something like 7 missions showcasing your power.

And do you have power, no game has let me feel more like a superhero since Spidey2.  One thing I love about the electricity based powers is the attention to detail.  For example, lets say you step in a puddle…everyone else in the puddle dies because the electricity in you zaps them.  It just feels real.  This is already one of my favroite games and I have only played the demo.  (and a bit at DS’s house)  It may be worth buying a ps3 for…if you can afford it.


Dual Review – 7 Pounds (3.5/5) and Slumdog Millionaire (4/5)

Earl reccomends a lot of movies to me.  I mean a lot.  I usually ignore him as I don’t watch that many movies and the films he suggests are things that do not sound like my kinda thing.  However I try to keep open to new things so I recently gave two of his suggestions a shot.  While I don’t think I enjoyed these movies nearly as much as he did, both were pretty good.

Uh, I am not really sure how to describe the plot to this film without giving anything away…Ok, Will Smith plays an IRS agent who wants to kill himself but first he must help 7 people in a profound way.  I can’t really tell you why he wants to kill himself or help these people, but it makes sense once you watch the movie.  The plot itself was suprisingly touching, yet not without flaws.  People, mainly the leading lady, seemed to bond with Smith’s character too fast.  It just did not feel real to me at times.  Also, the story jumps around alot.  For the first thirty minuits of the film, you will have no clue what is going on.  If you can get past that, then you can acually enjoy this film.

Slumdog millionaire is about a boy from the slums named Jamal who manages to win the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. No one believes that an uneducated slumdog like him could know the answers to these questions, so he is arrested.  Though the story is much more than that.  It tells the story of Jamals tragic life.  More than anything, I would say this classifies as a Romance movie as most of the plot revolves around him and the love of his life, Latika.  They are seperated through most of the movie and they have a hard time.  This movie showed me a lot of the Indian culture that I might not have otherwise gotten to see.  It gets really sad at times and intense at others.  Its a pretty good movie and I would reccomend it.

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