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So far with Twillight Princess

Well I am about 15 hours into this 40 hour epic of a game.  I love this game. For the most part, It plays very similar to the other Zelda games.  If you played Ocarina or Wind Waker, I can pretty much say that you are going to get the same style of gameplay.  While Nintendo stayed close to the formula, they did implement a few new changes.

Obviously the biggest of the changes is Wolf Link.  (pictured below)  In case you did not know about Wolf link, I had better explain.  Basicly, the land of hyrule is covered in Twillight, a dark relm of sorts.  When in an area that is covered in twillight, Link turns into his wolf form.  It comes out to be pretty fun.  Instead of weapons, link has wolf powers.  Such as the ability to track scents, dig, and sense things that cannot otherwise be seen.  His attacks are pretty much just jumping and biting.  He can, however, call upon Minda, the little creature from twillight that follows him, to do a powerfull move that takes out a lot of enemies.  But battle as the wolf it is not very satisying.  My overall impression with wolf link is that, while it is a load of fun, it is not as fun as playing as regular link.  Though, I hope Nintendo tries the shape-shifting idea in future titles, as I think they can improve upon the idea.

The wii controls are pretty intuitive, yet not as satifing as I had hoped for.  Swinging your arm is just a replacement for a button, so don’t expect that sword battles will be much more intense than in previous games.  (though there are a few improvements to the swordfighting mechanic, shuch as sheild attacks and final blows.)  Also the system that allows you to set weapons to buttons is a little annoying to me.  You assign 4 items to B, D-up, D-left, and D-right.  Then whenever you select an Item, it sets it as B.  I would prefer if the items stay the way I set them, but thats just me.

There are a few other flaws that I have noticed, but I don’t want to foucus on the problems to much.  After all, this is a truly great game, one of the best I have played.  The classic Zelda formula is just as bit as fun as it was for the SNES and N64.  Plus, the scope of this game is massive.  I have only seen  a small part of it, and it is already more than I can handle.  Hyrule field seems almost endless, and Castle Town is full of people running in every wich way.  You really feel like you are part of something big when you play this game.  Also the story takes a darker twist than most Zelda games, something I welcome.  The story is much more immersive, I am not going to give away any spoilers, lets just say that you will get hooked on the plot and start to really care about the characters.

Oh, and Link talks now!….Not!

Well, the point is that this is a great game.  If you can afford it, I would suggest you buy this game as soon as possible.  If you can’t afford it, borrow it from a friend or something, you need to play this game.  (by the way, thanks for letting me borrow it, Earl)

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