Which is Better – Fast Food Burgers

Fast food, it shall be our downfall.  By the time the alien armada arrives to destroy us, we shall be to fat and lazy to protect ourselfs.  Lucily, Big Macs are the main componet to atomic bombs, so we may be able to blast the aliens out of the sky….wait, where was I going with this again?  Oh yeah!  What is your favroite place to eat doom….I mean fast food burgers.

3 Responses to “Which is Better – Fast Food Burgers”

  1. July 23, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    No contest for me. Wendy’s all the way. They are the only chain that I will actually eat burgers from and not be grossed out. Most of the time burgers are too greasy or gross for me to enjoy, but Wendy’s goes out on a limb with its square patties, and they deliver.

    Gee, I just made a burger review that sounded like a video game review. Time for an over-analysis!

    McDonald’s-Surprisingly not that greasy, however the buns are sufficiently lacking.
    Burger King-The sesame seeds are a little distracting. The overall meat is a very high quality. Nice runner-up. \
    Hardees-Dear God I’d rather slap a few pickles on a bathroom floor and lick it than eat a Hardees 25 pound thickburger. Those jessies are just getting ridiculous.
    Krystal’s-These are interesting. I don’t like how they assume you like pickles and mayo on your chicken, but for the size there is some genuine quality there, even if they patty to bun ratio isn’t all that great and they’re, of course, tiny.

  2. July 26, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I have to say McDonalds. Simply because of the buns. I know you say they are lacking, but I think they are great. McDonald’s burgers do not have too much bread, the downfall of most burgers. The quality of the meat is not as good, but the taste of the ketchup, cheese, pickles, and Onions make up for it.

    Its not healthy, but its good.

    Actually, I think I want to review all of them too:

    Wendy’s- Pretty good, great dollar menu burgers if you don’t want McDonalds.

    Burer King – This is my runner up. These burgers taste most like a burger is supposed to. The meat quality is probably the best of all of them.

    Hardees- These are actually pretty fun. The thickburgers are pretty good, if not overly messy. Its fun to try to finish the whole thing…and the fries. Its more than a meal, its a challange.

    Krystal’s- While I do enjoy krystal burgers, everything else on the krystals menu is better. From the chicken to the little hot-dogs and corn-dogs. So I rarely eat these burgers.

  3. July 26, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Oh, and when I say McDonalds, I mean when they are prepared correctly. Which is once out of every seventy times.

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