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Star Wars Season 2 Trailer

It looks as though the next season is going to be great.  I can’t wait for it!…I just need to finish season 1 first…


Some Star Wars News

Well, I have recently found out some great Star Wars Related News.  While there was a lot of it going on at comic con, I don’t have it all yet.  However I will tell you what I know, and post more as I find out more.

Star Wars: In Concert:

Yes, this is what you think it is.  John Williams and an orcastra is going on tour to play Star Wars music live, with a giant screen playing clips of the show in the background.  …and yes, there is lazers too.  Star wars fan boys/girls rejoyce, cause we are gonna rock and roll all night to these wonderfully composed songs.  Plus, it seems as though they are also bringing star wars props for the fans to look at in a little museum of sorts.  Blows your mind does’snt it?

So, I checked the tour scheduel, and if you don’t live in the westernmost coast of the united states, then you are out of luck, because that is where all the stops are.  Hopwefully it will come out this way eventually.  (Heck, I might just take a road trip to california 😉 )

Star Wars in 3d:

I know this has been rumored for years, but I have heard on a few sites that it has been confirmed that George Lucas is going to re-release Star Wars in 3d.  When?  I don’t know.  But I am going.  Granted, I do not like the trend of 3d movies (not enough bang for your buck), but this will be worth it….oh, how it will be worth it.

…and thats pretty much all I know right now.  They also said more words about Clone Wars Season 2, The KOTOR MMOG, and a Force Unleashed DLC pack….but thats about it.

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