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The Last Day Before the First Day of the Rest of My Life….or something like that

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I shall start my freshman year at UNA (That’s the university of north Alabama, for those who may not know) I am so nervous I can’t hardly think straight, but I am looking forward to it. Its kind of odd, because I feel as though after today everything will change. I will no longer be a clumsy awkward high-school student, I will be a clumsy awkward college student!

Its really amazing.  The campus at UNA is beautiful.  The image of the fountain above is the first thing I will see when entering the campus.  (well, aside from the parking lot) and the image below is the GUC, where I shall be eating and checking my UNA Mailbox and stuff.

I am going to be living off campus, at the home I have lived in for the past 2 years, its about a 40 min drive.  So, I am not going to experience dorm life, something I am thankful for.  (who wants to share a bathroom with 50 other guys? not me!)

But now that I am in college, be expecting me to write more elegant intellectual posts, about philosophy and politics….NOT! No seriously, be expecting me to make little or no sense just like always.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now!


Kirby’s Midnight Snack

Found this kirby fan-fic on youtube, its halarious, hope you like it!


Marathon Free and for Windows

Most people have not heard of Bungie’s prequel to Halo.  In 1994, marathon was released for macintosh computers.  The next year, they released the sequel Marathon 2: Durandal, and the following year, Marathon Infinity.  Marathon is a great FPS, it still holds up fairly well today, even 15 years after its release.  The best part it, its free now.  You can download Marathon from bungie along with a program that makes it run with windows.

Marathon Trilogy Download on

Aleph One, the program that makes it run on windows

Marathon on windows for beginners – A great article explinging how to set up marathon on windows, also includes the manuals to these games.

I hope you enjoy the game, expect a full review when I beat it!


Fun things to do on a College Campus

In 8 Days, I start my freshman year at UNA.  I am so excited.  So to celebrate, here is a list of fun things to do at a college campus.  (I really needed to write another Fun Things list anyways)

  1. If the school has live mascots (mine has 2 lions), set them free.  If caught explain that it was a metaphor that students should not be confined by the standards of conventinal wisdom, but that each man should choose his own route to enlightenment….then start laughing like a demonic schoogirl.
  2. Sneak into people’s dorm rooms and leave a little chocolate candy on their pillow….
  3. ….or better yet, pour chocolate syrup on their pillow.
  4. During the Big Game, while everyone else is singing the school’s fight song, you sing CGNU’s fight song.
  5. Have an impromptu yodeling contest in the library.
  6. Three words: pet ostrage races!
  7. When a freshman comes up to you asking for directions, scream “Stranger Danger” and run away.
  8. Start a rap war with a complete stranger.
  9. Pretend to be the world’s youngest professor of french philosophy.  Hold regular classes.
  10. Come to the math building bringing, a siamese cat with a siamese twin, weird al, a skateboard, a rope, and 4 pounds of cow dung….use your imagination.
  11. Come to your classes dressed as a clown!
  12. On a test, answer all the questions with Strong Bad quotes.
  13. Paint the grass on the football stadium pink.
  14. Invent a new type of math that includes marshmallows, pizza, and videogames in the equations….hold regular classes.
  15. Merge the class in #14 and the class in #9, call it french dude trigolosopy.
  16. Insist that the college grant you Sabbatical.
  17. Hold a concert on the roof of the dorm bulding.  Can’t sing or play insturments, you say?  Who cares!  Just give it your best shot!

Metroid Prime (5/5)

I finnaly did it, I beat Metroid Prime…

Set after the original game for the NES, Metroid Prime has Samus Aron exploring the world of Tallon IV.  It is a world that has been struck by a disaster, a muteginic substance known as phazon is coruppting and poisinging the world.  The space pirates have set up a base of operations, hoping to exploit phazon for their own nefarious uses.

The atmostphere of this game is one of exploration.  There is alot of focus on exploring the enviroment, solving puzzels, and scanning things for information with your visor.   But, that is not to say there is not much fighing, to the contrary, pretty much every room you enter will have enimies, but they are never too hard, and you have plenty of health.  The real challange comes from the bosses, you will find an assortment of bosses and minibosses throughout this game, most of them are very very difficult.

The graphics for this game are quite possibly the best on the gamecube…better than most games on the wii.  From the snow covered peaks of Phendrana Drifts, to the molten lava relm of the Magmoor Caverns, to the rainforest setting of the Tallon overwold, the scenery is always amzing.  Adding to this is the soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly for each region.

The gameplay is different from most first person console games.  The left analog stick moves the character around (as always), but to aim you press the L button.  Now, this would be annoying if it were not for the lockon feature, which lets you circle strafe around your enimies.  The D-Pad swiches visors, ther is a scan visor, x-ray visor, heat vision visor, and regular visor.  (I think they called it combat visor in the game)  You also have a choice of 4 diffrent beam weapons and missiles.  Often times, certain enimies can only be defeated with a certain weapon.

The overall feel of this game is great, it has a pretty good story told mainly through messages you get by scanning certain plaques and computer terminals.  These are added to your log book, and honestly I did not even read most of them until after I beat the game, but they were interesting.

As far as extras go, they reward you with extended endings and art galleries based on how much exploration you do and how much you scan.  Also, you can play the original metroid game and play prime as fusion samus if you connect the game to Metroid Fusion.

While this game is awesome, I must point out that I have a few complaints.  First of all, the doors can be a little glitchy and not open right.  Also, I must point out to potiential players that there is a lot of backtracking involved.  I mean a LOT of backtracking.  Half of this game is backtracking, but it never gets too boring.

Overall, I would definetly reccomend you buy this game.  Get the Metroid Trilogy for the Wii.  If you can’t afford it, just buy Metroid Prime.  It is $6.99 at gamestop. Trust me, its more than worth it…


Virus Alert

Ok, so it all started out innocently enough, my mom wanted me to look up some information on the internet.  (Something about calories in certain fruits and vegitables) when suddenly this fake antivirus called “Windows Protection Suit” told me that I was infected by maleware  (no duh)  Then it tried to install something, I stopped it, but it freaked me out a little.  I then immeditely started scanning my computer with AVG and Spybot: Search and Destroy.

You see, I fix computers for a living, so I see a lot of viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs.  So I should have seen it coming.  (In fact, I am usually a little paranoid)  But now that I have regained control of my computer, I think it is time I warn everyone else about the dangers of viruses.

And here to help me warn you all is weird al, singing his hit song “virus alert”

And yes…I know embedding has been disabled…just click  the button to watch it on youtube…


Tech Entropy

Babcom recently told me of his plans to start a tech blog full of tutorials, tips, and other great tech info.  A little while later, he invited me to be an editor.  (at least, I think I am an editor…what exaclty is my title again?)  Anyways, the site is now up and it currently contains 2 articles  (as of 8/10/09):

Creating and Installing New Ringtones on the iPhone (By babcom)

Computers made simple: What does defragment mean and is it important? (By me!)

…and there is plenty more on the way, so be sure to check out the site regualrly for all kinds of great tech tips.


Battlefront Elite Squadron Gameplay Footage

I found these on youtube.  I still think its a little early to make a call…its not quite what I expected.  (and yes, I did know it was not going to be first person)  I am still looking foward to it, hopefully it will be awesome.  But to be safe, I am going to check plenty of reviews first before I make the purchase.  (Usually a good idea)


New Battlefront for the DS/PSP

Ok, I have acually known about this game for a long time….I thought I already posted about it, but apparently not…yeah, so they are making a new battlefront game for the DS and PSP.  The PSP version is going to be developed by Rebellion Developments, and the DS version shall be made by N-Space.  I don’t know much much about it yet…but I can tell you the release date is November 3rd, 2009.
The plot according to Wikipedia goes a little something like this:

Gamers assume the identity of X2, a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. Originally tasked with eliminating Jedi during Order 66, X2 decides to leave his blood-stained past behind and joins the Rebellion. X2 isn’t the only Force-sensitive clone, however. X1, his clone brother, chooses a much more sinister path, leading to a confrontation that could determine the fate of both the Empire and the Rebellion.

The gameplay is supposed to be like other games in the series, fight on foot, ground vehciles, and in space.  It acually sounds like they are trying to jam Battlefront 3 into the handheld consoles.  I, personally, am very excited for this game. If done right, I would be able to bring epic battles SW themed battles around with me.  (A dream come true)  If done wrong however, it would become the next ET.  (ok, prehaps thats a bit harsh….)

So to paraphrase palpatine, And you, young Battlefront… We will watch your development with great interest.


Top Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Zelda Fanboy

10. Your playing a game called Twillight Princess..and there is a pony…are you sure this is not a little girl’s game?
9. Ocarina of Time is so overrated.
8. Where is the jump button?
7. So…In what order do these games take place?
6. Hey…Listen!…Hey, Hey, Listen!…Listen!
5. Turn up the volume, I can’t hear what link is saying
4. Never liked those games, but I did enjoy the cartoon they used to have
3. Do you know what the Zelda games need, more Tingle!
2. ANYTHNG about the CD-I Games
1. Well, excuse me princess

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