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Metroid Prime (5/5)

I finnaly did it, I beat Metroid Prime…

Set after the original game for the NES, Metroid Prime has Samus Aron exploring the world of Tallon IV.  It is a world that has been struck by a disaster, a muteginic substance known as phazon is coruppting and poisinging the world.  The space pirates have set up a base of operations, hoping to exploit phazon for their own nefarious uses.

The atmostphere of this game is one of exploration.  There is alot of focus on exploring the enviroment, solving puzzels, and scanning things for information with your visor.   But, that is not to say there is not much fighing, to the contrary, pretty much every room you enter will have enimies, but they are never too hard, and you have plenty of health.  The real challange comes from the bosses, you will find an assortment of bosses and minibosses throughout this game, most of them are very very difficult.

The graphics for this game are quite possibly the best on the gamecube…better than most games on the wii.  From the snow covered peaks of Phendrana Drifts, to the molten lava relm of the Magmoor Caverns, to the rainforest setting of the Tallon overwold, the scenery is always amzing.  Adding to this is the soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly for each region.

The gameplay is different from most first person console games.  The left analog stick moves the character around (as always), but to aim you press the L button.  Now, this would be annoying if it were not for the lockon feature, which lets you circle strafe around your enimies.  The D-Pad swiches visors, ther is a scan visor, x-ray visor, heat vision visor, and regular visor.  (I think they called it combat visor in the game)  You also have a choice of 4 diffrent beam weapons and missiles.  Often times, certain enimies can only be defeated with a certain weapon.

The overall feel of this game is great, it has a pretty good story told mainly through messages you get by scanning certain plaques and computer terminals.  These are added to your log book, and honestly I did not even read most of them until after I beat the game, but they were interesting.

As far as extras go, they reward you with extended endings and art galleries based on how much exploration you do and how much you scan.  Also, you can play the original metroid game and play prime as fusion samus if you connect the game to Metroid Fusion.

While this game is awesome, I must point out that I have a few complaints.  First of all, the doors can be a little glitchy and not open right.  Also, I must point out to potiential players that there is a lot of backtracking involved.  I mean a LOT of backtracking.  Half of this game is backtracking, but it never gets too boring.

Overall, I would definetly reccomend you buy this game.  Get the Metroid Trilogy for the Wii.  If you can’t afford it, just buy Metroid Prime.  It is $6.99 at gamestop. Trust me, its more than worth it…

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