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College Life so far

Ok, so I have school on Mondays, Wensdays, and Fridays.  I have work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  (been busy at work)  Plus, homework…

…yeah, I have not had much free time now that I am in college, but the blogging shall continue!

Um, ok I don’t have anything really entertaining to say, so I suppose I will ramble on about my classes.

Psycology:  Ok, there is a lot of required reading in this class.  It is quite interesting, but the professor confuses me a little bit.  But I think I shall do ok.

English: I wonder if my professor did not used to be a cheerleader or something.  She is uber cheerfull and verry hyper.  She comes into class bragging about her new shoes and telling funny stories.  It looks as though this is going to be a very entertaining class.  No clue how the work is yet, as we have not really had any assignments yet.

Lunch:  Wow, the GUC has a pizza hut, a sandwich shop and more!….yum

History: Ok, this is a good class.  The subject is interesting, I enjoy the required reading, and the teacher is funny.  His lectures are riddled with little jokes.  A lot of note taking, but thats history.

Math: This class definitley takes a lot of thought.  The teacher explains stuff well, for the most part.  But I have alreadly learned that if you ask for help on a question, you have to explain how you would try to solve it to the whole class, then he tells the class what your doing wrong.

…and thats about it…I shall blog more later!

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