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Which is better? – Halloween Special!

So what is your favroite type of halloween candy?


Happy October the 30th!

Well, tommorow is Hallowenn!  I am volunteering at the local coffe shop’s halloween thing they are throwing for the children.  Its going to be great.

But it already feels like Halloween!  I came onto campus today, and all the leaves had fallen off the trees, leaving them bare. (it would not be freaky, but I swear they were all there on wensday) The sky is dark and cloudy, and the library is having a halloween thing.  I just finished visiting all the sections and collecting all my candy…boy, I love candy.

Haloween Eve (or Hallow’s Eve…Eve) everybody!


Ducks Make for Good Theme Songs!

Great duck shows, great duck songs.



Needlemouse: Looks like Sega is Listening to Me ;)

Well, it finally looks like sega decided to follow my advice.  Ok, I am sure I am not the only one who gave this advice to Sega, but I am glad that they have started to listen to reason.

Back in Febuary, I wrote an artilce entitled “Sonic Should go Megaman 9;” It was all about why sonic should go back to being a 2d platformer.  As I was writing that article, Sega was already working on making my dream a reality.  Last month, they announced it.  They call it “Project Needlemouse” and it shall be a 2d platformer.  According to Wikipedia, “”The game will be a two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of the original Sonic games, with an emphasis on speed.”

An exact release date has not been announced yet, but we know its is going to come out sometime in 2010.  Sega has yet to name any consoles, but I think we can assume that Wii is one of them.  My guess is that it will come out for all the consoles.

This seems to good to be true….seriously, whats the catch?  Lets hope that this time its for real and not another “Werehog” or something like that.

Below is a teaser trailer, courtesy of  Machinima:


Free Programming Software from Microsoft!

Good news to all college students who are wanting to get into computer-related fields.  (like me)  Microsoft is giving you free stuff!!!  Microsoft DreamSpark wants to help aspiring computer pro’s a head start by providing them with free software such as: Visual Studio 2008 (professional edition), Server 2008 (standard), XNA Game Studio 3.1 (which lets you make games for windows and x-box), and much much more.

To get the free software, you must sign up and verify you are a student (not sure how yet, but I think you give your university email address), and download away!

Oh, and thanks for the tip Mr. Brewer


Which is Better? 6th Generation Consoles

The sixth generation was a good one for me.  It had some great consoles, but which one do you think was the best?


Where the Wild Things Are (2.5/5)

Before I start this review, I want to say that I don’t remember reading the book as a child, so I can’t compare them.

The basic premise is that this little boy named Max is sad at home, so he runs off and finds an island with these creatures.  He becomes their king, and tried to “keep the sadness out.”  Personally, I did not like the film that much.  The plot was supposed to be deep, but obviously it went over my head, becasue I did not get it.  It started out good, but as time when on it started making less and less sense until finally it ended horribly.  (I don’t want to give anything away, but lets just say it could have ended so much better…they forshadowed a great ending and then did’nt do it.)

Also, I might think twice about bringing small children to see this movie.  Many children under the age of 7 would be terrified by some of the scenes in this film.

Overall, I would not recommend this film.

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