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District 9 (4/5)

Well, I finnally got around to seeing this sci-fi treasure.  District 9 takes place 20 years after aliens land on earth, just over Johannesburg, South Africa.  With no way to get back to their planet, the aliens are forced to live on earth as second class citizens in a slum called District 9.  The humans, fed up with the aliens, decide to move them to a reserve.  Wikus van de Merwe is in charge of evicting the aliens, until he finds out too much and comes in contact with a bizzare alien technology.  Now, he has to fight for his life.

From its documentary style to its epic action and effects, this film is a great sci-fi experience.  The acting is spot-on, and the plot will leave you wanting more. The only bad thing I can say about the film is that it drops the F-Bomb…a lot…I mean, a lot…like every other word.  However, if you can see past that, you will find a truly great story.

If you like sci-fi, and if you like action, then this is a great film and I would reccomend it.

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